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Registration Dates

Registration is available online through myGateway, according to the dates listed below.

Fall and Summer 2020 Registration

Registration will only be available from 6:00 am-11:59 pm each day.

Priority registration is based on a student's current classification at the time of registration. In progress courses are not included when determining classification for registration purposes. Students who are eligible to register may do so anytime on or after the date has passed for their classification group.

Given the recent announcement of the extension of Spring Break, we will be delaying the start of registration one week as indicated in the table (see below). This step is being taken to optimize student access to advising and registration support staff. In the meantime, students are encouraged to take steps to seek advisement as necessary and to address any registration holds that may exist.

Classification Priority Registration Dates
Honors, Texan Reps, NCAA Athletes, Veterans, Doctoral, Graduate, and Post-Bacc Monday, March 23
Seniors Wednesday, March 25
Juniors Friday, March 27
Sophomores Monday, March 30
Freshmen Wednesday, April 1

*April 1 Registration is for current Freshmen at Tarleton. The incoming Freshman class will register during Texan Orientation.