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Procedure to Request a Registration Override

Contact the instructor or department directly to request the appropriate registration override to enroll in the course. Search the campus department directory for the instructor’s and/or the department's contact information.

Step 1 - Receive Permission

Once you receive notification that you have been granted the registration override, you must go back to myGateway and enroll in the course. You will not be automatically enrolled in the course.

Step 2 - Review Catalog

Review the catalog to familiarize yourself with any other restrictions that may be applied to the course so that you request all the applicable overrides.

Step 3 - Select Add Error in DuckTrax

Select the type of Registration Add Error that is displayed while registering in DuckTrax.

Linked Course Errors

Lecture or Lab Required
Level Restriction Message
Field of Study Restriction Message
Class Restriction Message
Closed Section Message
Reserve Close Message
PREQ and Test Score Error
Dupl CRSE with SEC-xxx Message (Duplicate Course)
Maximum Hours Exceeded Message
Time Conflict with (CRN number)
Campus Error