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Pass/Fail Grade Mode

The option to change to Pass/Fail for Spring 2020 16 week and 2nd 8 week classes has ended as of June 1st at 5 PM. Any requests received after 5 PM on June 1st will not processed. 


1 - How will a P (pass) grade affect my GPA?
2 - What constitutes a P, PC, or F?
3 - What will an F (fail) grade do to my GPA in Spring 2020?
4 - What is a PC grade?
5 - My degree requires a C or better or a B or better in one or more courses. Will P or PC be accepted to satisfy requirements?
6 - What if I choose to keep the "Standard" grade mode?
7 - Will the school I am transferring to accept the P grade from Tarleton?
8 - How do I select the P/F option for my sections(s)?
9 - I am repeating a course I completed in a previous semester. Will the P or PC grade replace my previous grade?
10 - How will P/F/PC impact my VA Benefits?
11 - What happens to my scholarship eligibility if I choose to receive P or PC grades?
12 - What happens if I receive an F in the spring 2020 semester, how will that impact my scholarship eligibility?
13 - If I dropped course(s), how will that impact my scholarship eligibility?
14 - How will choosing a P/F grade vs. taking a letter grade impact my scholarship eligibility for the fall 2020 semester?
15 - When will I know what my scholarship award status is for the fall 2020 semester?