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Limits on Dropped Courses and Withdrawals

The following limitations on dropped courses apply to all Undergraduate students entering Texas Public Higher Education for the first time in Fall 2007 or thereafter:

  • An Undergraduate student enrolled at Tarleton State University is permitted a total of 6 dropped courses, including any transfer courses dropped at any other Texas public institution of higher education. Any course dropped before the census day does not count in this total. Please view the academic calendar for the official census date (last day to drop with no record) for the term in question.
  • After a student has accumulated 6 dropped courses, he or she will not be permitted to drop any class unless unusual circumstances exist, as determined by the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management or Vice President for Academic Affairs. 
  • A student who is not satisfied with the decision of the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management may file a written request for an administrative review by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  This administrative review will be limited to verification that the student has had the opportunity to present appropriate documentation and that the provided materials and statements were considered in making the decision.
  • A student who drops a class receives a grade of Q on their record. A student who withdraws from the university receives a grade of W or WF for each class. W’s and WF’s will not be counted as dropped courses.
  • A student who wishes to file an appeal for exceeding the 6 Drop Limit must fill out the appeal form and return to the Registrar’s Office located in the Tarleton Center room 101 or fax the appeal to 254-968-9389 An appeal will have to be filed each time the student wishes to drop a course and has exceeded the 6 drop limit.

6 Drop Warning Codes

The Registrar's Office with the help of Information Technology Services has defined new warning codes which will provide an automated means for notifying students of their drop limit status.  The grade which will count toward the state drops accumulated is "Q".  Students will be able to view this information online through myGateway.  These codes are for informational purposes only.  However, once a student has reached the drop limit according to the 6 Drop Policy, the student will be required to submit the Undergraduate 6 Drop Limit Appeal form in order to drop additional courses.  In addition to myGateway, students may also contact the Registrar's Office at 254-968-9419 or to check how many drops they have accumulated.  The new warning codes assigned are defined as follows:

  • D0- No drops remaining
  • D1- 1 drop remaining (info only) - Warning!
  • D2- 2 drops remaining (info only)
  • D3- 3 drops remaining (info only)
  • D4- 4 drops remaining (info only)
  • D5- 5 drops remaining (info only)
  • D6- 6 drops remaining (info only)

 If a student does not have one of these holds codes, the 6 Drop Policy is not applicable.

Additional Info