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Mid-semester grades

At mid-semester, preliminary grades will be assigned to freshman and sophomores in 1000 and 2000 level courses and made available to the student via myGateway and student self-service.  Mid-term grades are for progress reporting purposes only, are not recorded on the student's permanent record and will be replaced with their final grades at the end of the semester. 

Not all courses may have mid-term grades posted for them.  

Final Grades

Final grades in all courses will be available online at the end of the semester.  Students may access their final grades and unofficial transcript online through myGateway.  As grades are posted by faculty at the end of the semester, they will be displayed on the student's record and available for viewing the day after the grade is posted.  For example, if an instructor posts the final grades for his section on Monday, they will be available to students online through myGateway on Tuesday.

Once all final grades have been posted for all students, the Registrar's Office will conduct "End of Term Processing".  End of Term Processing includes:

  • Rolling grades to academic history (for viewing online and updating student records)
  • Updating repeated courses
  • Calculating and updating the semester and cumulative GPA
  • Determine academic standing and distinguished students

Cumulative (Overall) Grade Point Average

The cumulative (overall) grade point average shown on a Tarleton academic transcript and the Student Information System (Banner) reflects work completed at Tarleton State University and any transfer credit a student has earned.

Grading System

The student's term grade in any subject shall be designated as one of the following:

Grade Grade Value
A 4 points
B 3 points
C 2 points
D 1 point
F 0 points (Student attended until final class day and final exam)
FX 0 points (Date student stopped attending the course required)
F0 0 points (Student never attended the course)
I 0 points.  (In-progress.  Used for non-completed thesis course work)
K 0 points.  (Incomplete.  Under exceptional circumstances)
Q 0 points.  (Dropped course.  No grade designated)
W 0 points (Withdrawal from university.  No grade designated)
WF 0 points (Withdrawal from university.  Calculated as F in GPA)
P 0 points (Passing.  Signifies credit with neutral grade point value)
S 0 points (Satisfactory. Signifies credit with neutral grade point value)
U 0 points (Unsatisfactory)

The lowest passing grade is D.  Students should keep in mind the fact that some universities and colleges do not accept a D in transfer.  Some courses offered at Tarleton require a grade of C or higher before moving to the next level or course in the sequence.  A grade of D is not considered passing for developmental courses. 

In most instances, if a course is repeated at Tarleton, only the best grade in the course is counted in computing the GPA.  However, some courses in which their titles may change from semester to semester (problems, seminar, topics, etc) may be counted multiple times and each grade calculated in the GPA.

The grade K shall be recorded for a student only in the case of extraordinary circumstances.  This entry is used only in such cases after the instructor and his/her department head have approved that the incomplete entry is justified.  A grade of K must be made up by the last day that course grades are due to the Registrar's Office during the next long semester and in all cases before registering for the next course in the sequence.  Should this grade not be reported to the Registrar's Office within the prescribed time limit, it automatically becomes an F.

Failing grade definitions for F, FX and F0:

In an effort to better comply with federal regulations related to stewardship of Title IV (federal financial aid) funds, a modification to the grading system will be implemented beginning this Fall 2015 semester (seeing “Grading System” in the 2015-16 online catalog). The modification essentially amounts to a refinement of the failing grade into 3 separate grades depending upon the last date a student attended class:

F0 – The student failed the course and never attended the course.

FX – The student failed the course and the last date of attendance was before the last day of class (presumably, the final exam meeting).

F – The student failed the course and the last date of attendance was the last day of class (again, presumably, the final exam meeting).

The distinguishing factor between the three grades is singular: the last date of attendance.  The faculty member will have no responsibility to know of a student’s financial aid status, nor will the faculty member be expected to report the extent to which the student attended class during the semester.

A student who drops a course on or before the census date receives no grade, and the course will not be listed on that student's permanent record.

Grade Point Average Terminology

Credit Hours- the hours assigned to a course.

Grade Value- the numerical value assigned to a grade as listed above.

Grade Points- the number of credit hours for a course times the grade value.

Attempted Hours- credit hours in which the student earns a grade in a course.

Earned Hours- credit hours in which a student passed with a grade of D or higher.

Repeated Course- when a student retakes the same course (same subject and course #) that he/she previously received a substandard grade.  The better grade will be calculated in the GPA, where the lesser grade will be excluded in the calculation of the GPA.  The course that is excluded will remain on the student's transcript, however will be excluded in the GPA calculation. 

How to Calculate Semester Grade Point Average

  • For standard GPA calculation, multiply the grade value of the course by the semester credit hours for that course.  The product of this multiplication will be the grade points.
  • Divide the semester grade points by the semester attempted hours
GPA Calculation Example
Course Grade Value (Times) Credit Hours (Equals) Grade Points
MATH 1314    A= 4 X 3 = 12
ENGL 1301 B=3 X 3 = 9
BIOL 1441 C=2 X 4 = 8
KINE 1200 D=1 X 2 = 2
HIST 2311 F=0 X 3 = 0
TOTAL 15 31

Divide the total grade points (ex: 31) by the total credit hours (ex: 15) and the GPA = 2.06