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  • Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement:  All “new” students for a given semester must show evidence of receipt of an initial bacterial meningitis vaccination dose or booster during the five-year period preceding and at least 10 days prior to the first day of the first semester in which the student initially enrolls at an institution.  This state law includes transfer students and undergraduate and graduate level students.  Students must provide proof prior to orientation and/or registration.  Additional information can be reviewed at
  • Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is required by all public institutions for the course placement of undergraduate students.  Tarleton State University requests that students prove exemption status or provide official test scores for the TSI Assessment before course registration. For more information contact Undergraduate Admissions at 254-968-9269 or, or Student Assessment Services at 254-968-9423 or
  • To be eligible to register, students must be admitted to the university, have all vaccination requirements, financial obligations, and testing requirements cleared as well as have no current holds on their academic record. 
  • First-time freshman and new transfer students with less than 12 hours will need to complete new student orientation prior to registering for classes. Students who require orientation will be contacted by the Office of Student Engagement.
  • Student's will register based on their current classification at the time of registration. In progress courses are not included when determining classification for registration purposes.

Fall 2014 Texas Common Course Numbering System Transition

  • Beginning in Fall 2014, Tarleton State University courses will be under the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). TCCNS is designed to facilitate the transfer of credits between Texas colleges and universities. 
  • The links below are PDF versions of the equivalencies between former courses (Summer 2014 and earlier) to current courses (Fall 2014 and forward). If you are faculty, staff, or student and you believe you have found an error, please notify the Registrar's Office ( 

   Click to open the PDF version you would like to view. You can scroll to the prefix you are searching for or search for a specific prefix (such as ENGL), hold CTRL and press F. This will open a field to search, and you can type the prefix. You can even search by either partial or full Course Name. Do a test search for "Composition" or "ENGL".



See when you can register: Click here for Early Registration and Late Registration Times

Getting started

Get advised

Academic advising is recommended for all students prior to registration, and is required for first-time freshman and new transfer students with less than 45 hours. If advising is required, a hold will prevent registration until advising is complete.

Plan your schedule

Check out the course schedule for course availability, times and locations. The schedule is generally released about two weeks prior to registration.

Students can view the schedule by doing a course search online.

For more information watch our instructional video on how to use the schedule planner available for students to access through myGateway.

Check for holds

Since holds on student's account can prevent registration, it is important to clear all holds prior to registering for classes. Students can view their holds through myGateway. Holds must be cleared through the department that imposed them.


Log on

Students must register for classes through myGateway. Students who have never logged in to myGateway or who have forgotten their login information, should contact the Computer Helpdesk at (254) 968-9885 or

For more information watch our instructional video to learn how to register for classes.

Common problems

When registering, it is not uncommon for a student to receive a "Registration Add Error" when attempting to register for a class. An error "status" will be listed indicating what is causing the error.

Make changes

It is important for students to inspect their course schedule after registering. Changes can be made to schedules through myGateway at any time during the early registration period.

Finishing up

Pay your bill

It is the student's responsibility to make sure tuition and fees are paid by the payment deadline. Students may pay their bill online using Texan Bill Pay or in person.

Please note: Paper bills or statement for tuition and fees are no longer mailed.

Register late

Students can add or drop classes through myGateway during the late registration period. There will be a $25 late registration fee charged to students who did not register during early registration.

Drop a class

Once registration has ended, students must submit a Course Drop Request Form to the Registrar's Office to drop a course.

Dropping to zero credit hours for the semester is considered a withdrawal. Please see below for withdrawal information.


Students needing to drop to zero credit hours for the semester (drop all classes) must submit an Official Withdrawal Request Form to the Registrar's Office.