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Academic Space

The space and facilities of the university are intended primarily to support the on-going instructional program of the institution. Secondary priority is given to programs sponsored and conducted by university academic and administrative departments, by organizations affiliated with such departments, or by registered student organizations.

Other University Facilities

Other use of campus space and facilities may be permitted for activities intended to serve or benefit the university community. Academic classroom space is subject to availability.

  • Students wishing to reserve non-academic rooms such as that in the Library, conference rooms, etc. will need to contact those individual areas to request use of those rooms.
  • Students who wish to reserve departmental conference rooms should contact department administrative assistants.

Please use the University Directory to find additional contact information.

Reservations for meetings and/or event space in academic buildings/classrooms on the Stephenville campus may be requested through the Registrar's Office using the AdAstra Online Event Request System. Sign-in is not required to request rooms.

Note: If you had the previous version of AdAstra bookmarked that link will no longer work. You will need to replace it with the new AdAstra cloud instance link.


Important Dates

Please view the Academic Calendar for other important dates regarding the official assignment dates for rooms.

Additional Information

Have questions if a room is available, or about your room reservation, please email Lori Algood or call us at 254-968-9388.