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Preliminary Course Schedule

It is the goal of the Office of the Registrar to assist our academic departments in preparing the class schedule and providing our students with accurate course offerings. It is important that the academic departments add/edit their course schedule changes by the deadline to ensure an accurate class schedule is published for our students in a timely and efficient manner prior to registration.

Important Deadlines for Summer/Fall 2019 Schedule

Department heads or their designee should carefully review, their class schedule in December and January to ensure all major changes have been updated prior to February 18, 2019 before being made available to their college dean. The Office of the Registrar will monitor progress and send reminder notifications.

College Deans or their designee may review the preliminary schedule through Texan Facts at any time to see changes have been made by the Office of the Registrar or the Departments. After February 11, leading up to February 18, the preliminary course schedule is in final review and should include only minor changes before final publishing.

Schedule Status Deadlines
Complete February 11, 2019
Publish March 4, 2019
Advising Begins March 4, 2019
Registration March 22, 2019

The Summer/Fall 2019 schedule is set to publish February 18, 2019 for student view. Official registration for Summer and Fall 2019 begins Friday, March 22, 2019. Make all changes to the class schedule by the appropriate deadline through Banner. If you need assistance, please email Lori Algood to ensure correct course listings.

Preliminary Schedule Checklist
Helpful Hints

Other Important Dates

View the 2018 academic calendar for important dates, such as finals and holidays.

Additional Information

If you have questions or need additional information regarding the class schedule, please email Lori Algood or dial 254-968-9388.