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Authorized Signatures

The Q-DROP request form must be signed by the authorized advisor according to the courses type and campus.

Undergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate students should contact the appropriate person according to the "Authorized Signatures for Undergraduate Courses" listed below before submitting the drop request.
Authorized Signatures for Undergraduate Courses
Campus Contact Person Contact Information
Stephenville Academic Advising Services 254-968-9746 or Thompson Student Center, Room 13
Fort Worth Site Advisor 817-732-7300 or H. Hickman Building, Suite 103
Midlothian Site Advisor 972-775-7244 or Building Two, Suite 115
Online Department head of your major Use the online directory to obtain department contact information
Waco Site Advisor 254-299-8322 or Michaelis Academic Center Building, Suite 101

Graduate Students

  • Graduate students should contact their graduate advisor or department head in their Graduate Program for the authorized signature before submitting the drop request.  
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Agriculture and Consumer Resources (MS) Contact Dr. Wayne Atchley at 254-968-9601. 

Agriculture and Natural Resource Science (MS)– Animal Science- Contact Dr. Ben Bruce at 254-968-9216.

Agriculture and Natural Resource Science (MS)– Wildlife and Natural Resources- Contact Dr. T. Wayne Schwertner at 254-968-9219.

College of Business Administration

Contact Jodie Dearing at 254-968-9055.

College of Education

Counseling (MEd) and Counseling Psychology (MS) Contact Jamie Borchardt at 254-968-1970.

Curriculum and Instruction (MEd) Contact Dr. Susan Erwin at 817-732-7300.

Curriculum and Instruction (MEd) (TMATE) Contact Dr. Laura Estes at 817-732-7300.

Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) Contact Dr. Lesley Leach at 254-968-1938

Educational Administration (MEd) Contact Dr. Pam Winn at 817-732-7300.

Kinesiology (MS, MEd) Contact Dr. Kayla Peak at 254-968-9824.

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

History (MA) Contact Dr. Richard Cruz at 254-968-9625.

Music Education (MM) Contact Dr. Vicky Johnson at 254-968-9238.

If your degree is not listed, contact Sabrina Baker at 254-968-9141.

College of Science and Technology

Biological Sciences (MS) Contact Dr. Philip Sudman at 254-968-9154 or Dr. John Calahan at 245-968-9156.

Quality and Engineering Management (MA) Contact Dr. Gloria Fragoso-Diaz at 254-968-9011.

Nursing Education (MSN) and Nursing Administration (MSN) Contact Dr. Jennifer Yeager at 254-968-9135.

Medical Laboratory Sciences (MS) Contact Dr. Sally Lewis at 817-926-7222.

If your degree is not listed, contact Sheila Hawkins at 254-968-1935.