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Texan Alley Tailgating Guidelines

The purpose of Texan Alley is to provide a social gathering place for all Texan football fans in order to compliment the game day experience.  We invite all Texan football fans to come out and enjoy the tailgating, music and food prior to each Texan home game.

Tailgating Location/Times:

  • Tailgating is permitted anywhere in the Memorial Stadium parking lot within the confines of your parking space and outside of the traffic lanes.

  • Tailgating in Texan Alley (lot P21) is permitted 4 hours prior to game time.

  • All entrances and traffic lanes must remain clear at all times.

  • No open pit fires are allowed.  Charcoal and wood grills are allowed but the fires must be contained to the grill.  Charcoal must remain in the grill or trailer and CANNOT be dumped in the tailgate area or parking lot.

  • All trash and debris from tailgating activities must be cleaned up and disposed of in receptacles provided.

  • All Texan Alley events will end 15 minutes prior to kickoff in order to allow fans ample time to make it to their seats.

  • All beverages must be in cans or plastic containers. (no glass containers)

  • Participants and organizations are prohibited from selling food, products, and/or raffle tickets without prior written approval from Tarleton State University.

All students attending tailgating game day events at Tarleton State University are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the pride and character or the University.  Any individual acting in a disruptive or disrespectful manner may be asked to leave the premises or may be subject to removal by University police.  Students may also be charged with a violation of the Code of Student Conduct; for a copy of the Code of Student Conduct please refer to the Dean of Students Office at 254.968.9000. (2010-11 Student Planner, Code of Student Conduct, p36-43)

To Reserve a Spot:

  • In order to reserve a spot in Texan Alley please call the Recreational Sports office at 254.968.9912 prior to 5pm the Friday of a game week.

  • If you will need electricity or tables provided at your tailgate site please provide Recreational Sports with notice.

  • If you are a business or community group interested in participating or becoming a sponsor please contact Daron Trussell at 254.968.0761.

Any person found to be in violation of university policies may be subject to forfeiture of tailgating privileges; Tarleton State University reserves the right to revoke tailgating privileges of any person for violation of university guidelines and/or violation of local or state laws.