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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is allowed to use the Campus Recreation Center?
  • Stephenville students taking one or more semester hours automatically become Campus Recreation Center members when they register and pay the Campus Recreation fee, which is included in their tuition.

  • Besides students, the following individuals are eligible to purchase Campus Recreation Center memberships:

    • Current staff members of Tarleton State University

    • Current faculty members of Tarleton State University

    • Spouses of current staff/faculty members of Tarleton State University (only if staff/faculty member has a current membership to the Campus Recreation Center)

    • Retirees of Tarleton State University

    • Graduates of Tarleton State University (must also be a member of the Tarleton Alumni Association)

  • See our Member Services page for further details.

Can I bring a guest who isn't a student?

Campus Recreation is pleased to offer Guest Passes for a $10.00 fee per day.  The guest must be accompanied by a member of the Campus Recreation Center.

Please note: Campus Recreation does not allow anyone under the age of 16 to access the facility.

Why does Campus Recreation scan my ID card every time I come in to the facility?
  • We have many reasons for scanning your ID card, including:

    • To ensure that each person is a valid member.  Each student pays a $100 fee each semester for use of the Campus Recreation Center.  It is only fair that everyone who comes in to this facility has paid their Campus Recreation Fee.

    • To track facility use.  It is important for Campus Recreation to have record of daily use.  These numbers are used in weekly reports, programming trends, and facility scheduling.

Can I get in if I forget my card just once?...What if I have a PE Class in the RSC?

You must have your ID card to access the RSC.  If you forget to bring your ID card you will not be allowed in the facility unless you purchase a $10 guest pass for the day.  Sorry, no exceptions.

How do I reserve a racquetball court?

To reserve a racquetball court, stop by our front desk or give us a call at (254) 968.0757.

How do I reserve a spot in a limited space Group EX class?

To reserve a spot in a limited space Group EX class, stop by our front desk or give us a call at (254) 968.0757.

What kind of equipment can I check out through Outdoor Pursuits?

Our Outdoor Pursuits Center has a lot to offer!  Check out the Outdoor Pursuits Center page for a complete list of rental items and prices.

Does Campus Recreation offer personal training?

Personal training is now available at the RSC!  For more information on the program, check out the Personal Training page.

Is there someone who can show me how the equipment in the weight room works?

Ask any of our staff members if you have questions about the proper use of the weight equipment.  They will be able to answer your question or find someone who can answer it for you.

Can anyone use the Climbing Wall? How much does it cost?

The climbing wall is open to all members of the Campus Recreation Center.  Use of the climbing wall is FREE!  However, climbers are encouraged to become belay certified for a onetime fee of $10.  See the Climbing Wall page for rules and hours of operation.

Why does the track direction change?

The track direction alternates on a daily basis to reduce the wear and tear on the surface of the track.

Is there a dress code?

Campus Recreation requires that proper athletic attire be worn.  Examples include tennis shoes, shorts, sweat pants, wind pants, and t-shirts. 
Please note: denim or khaki pants and shorts, collared shirts, sandals, crocs, and boots are not allowed.

Are lockers available?

Lockers are available for day use, but you will need to bring a padlock with you or purchase a lock for $5.00 at the control desk.
Please note: Locker use is for day use only.  We do not rent lockers at this time.

Does Campus Recreation accept credit cards?

Unfortunately, Campus Recreation does not accept credit cards at this time.  For your convenience, an ATM is located in the lobby of our center.

What equipment can I check out from the Control Desk?
  • Members of the Campus Recreation Center can check out a wide variety of items from the Control Desk, including towels, racquetball rackets, racquetball balls, racquetball goggles, volleyballs, basketballs, jump ropes, strength training logs, and weight belts.
  • The Control Desk staff will take your ID card when you check out a piece of equipment.  Your ID will be returned to you when the equipment is returned to the Control Desk.

Is there a suggestion box I can use to make comments of suggestions about how to improve the Campus Recreation Center?

There is a suggestion box at the Control Desk.  Our staff checks suggestions weekly and has implemented several changes in our facility as a result of suggestions made by members.

How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?
  • To sign up your team, come by Campus Recreation with your team name, the names of your captain and co-captain, and the fee for the particular sport. We will have you fill out a registration form here, and answer any questions you might have.

  • Register for individual and dual sports at the Control Desk.  Individual sports (with the exception of golf, bowling, and fishing) are free.  Have your name, university ID, and contact information to sign up.

  • For more information and further details, check out our Intramural Quick Facts page.

Still have more questions?  Feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to answer an further questions that you may have about our Department and facility!