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Weight Room/Cardio

Our new fitness center includes a variety of strength and cardio training equipment to meet the needs of your fitness and wellness goals.

Ask the RSC Staff!

New to lifting weights or just working out in general? The helpful Staff at the RSC is here for you!

Our Staff Members have been thoroughly trained in demonstrating proper use all of our equipment

While, they are unable to give you specific training suggestions, they can assist with any questions about adjusting weight, the machinery, or proper technique to promote safety.

Strength Training Logs

Need help keeping up with how many reps and sets you’ve completed?
Strength Training Logs are now available!
Feel free to ask the Control Desk staff for your very own Strength Training Log.

The Strength Training Log can be used to record:

  • Beginning and ending date of workout week
  • What day you are on
  • What exercises you are doing
  • Amount of weight you are using
  • Number of reps
  • Number of sets

You can take your Strength Training Log with you when you leave the facility or leave it in a alphabetized file folder available at the Control Desk.

Printable format available here

RSC Weight Room Rules:

  • Use of the weight room is limited to those users over age 16. No one under the age of 16 permitted.

  • No food, drinks, tobacco products or gum allowed. Water bottles ONLY!

  •    No outside personal training.
  • For safety reasons, personal items, bags and other items are to be stored in lockers only and not on the weight room floor.

  • Please do not touch the audio or video equipment. Ask the attendant for assistance.

  • Report any equipment problems to the weight room staff.

  • Please direct all concerns and maintenance needs to the weight room staff or the recreation Center Control Desk.

  • In case of an emergency please contact the weight room staff.

  • Know that failure to adhere to the weight room and Recreation Sports Center policies may result in a loss of center privileges.

Free Weight Area (RSC 133)

  •  Hammer Strength

Selectorized machine area (RSC 134)

  • Life Fitness

Cardio Theater (RSC 228)

Track Side Cardio (RSC 219)

  • Cross Trainers
  • Stair Steppers
  • Treadmills
  • Recumbent cycles
  • Upright cycles