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Personal Training

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Our new personal training program will allow you or you and a partner to receive exercise instruction from a certified personal trainer at Tarleton Campus Recreation. They provide services that will help you meet your goals and hopefully exceed your expectations. We provide each client with guidance, motivation, safety, and excellent fitness programs.

Personal Training sessions may include:

  • Fitness Assessments
  • Program Design - According to ACE standards (American Council on Exercise)
  • Warm-up, stretching, cool down
  • Machine Instruction
  • Free Weight Training
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Programming
  • Exercise Progression and Periodization
  • Evaluation and Mapping of Goals
  • Creative programming to include the most up to date fitness trends
  • Fitness/Wellness Education
  • Basic Nutrition Guidance
  • Exercise Routines for home and travel
  • A variety of trainers to meet the needs of every client

Registration Process

To sign up for personal training you must fill out the interest form with all contact information and general reason for training/training goals. You will then be assigned a trainer who will contact you within 2-3 days to set up a time for your fitness assessment. An assessment must be on file before any training sessions can be completed. You may purchase as few as 1 or as many as 16 sessions at a time. Please purchase your session at least 24-48 hours before your scheduled personal training session to allow sufficient time for the paperwork to be processed. You may fill out the interest form in person at the Campus Recreation Center office located on the 2nd floor.

Personal Trainer Fees

Fitness Assessment Only: $15
Fitness Assessment & 1 session: $30
1 session only: $20
(sessions can be purchased 1 at a time but the client must have completed an assessment prior to the purchase.)

Sessions and Pricing Information
Sessions Individual Training Partner Training
Fitness Assessment & 3 sessions: $65 $100 ($50 each)
Fitness Assessment & 5 sessions: $100 $150 ($75 each)
Fitness Assessment & 8 sessions: $150 $240 ($120 each)
Fitness Assessment & 12 sessions: $220 $380 ($190 each)
Fitness Assessment & 16 sessions: $270 $490 ($245 each)

*Deduct $10 from each package purchase if a fitness assessment has been completed in the past 12 months.

Partner Training - Train With a Friend

You and a friend can train together with one personal trainer. You'll save money and have a great workout with a friend who can help motivate you.

NEW!!! Group Training - Train with friends, family, or co-workers

Offers the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. Train with friends, family, or co-workers!

Group Pricing Information
3 members $12.50 each
4 members $10 each
5 members $7.50 each
6+ members $5 each

*Each group session is 1 hour long; all members must complete a fitness assessment prior to start.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

  1. Wear comfortable clothing including athletic shoes (no denim) to comply with the dress code of the facility.
  2. Rescheduling or canceling sessions must be done 24 hours prior to your session to avoid being charged for that session.
  3. When you meet with your personal trainer, be sure to read and sign our personal training policies thoroughly. Pre-purchased sessions are non-refundable.

Personal Trainer Credentials

Every personal trainer is certified with a nationally recognized association. Most personal trainers are working towards or have Kinesiology degree and all are familiar with every piece of fitness equipment in the Campus Recreation Center. Personal trainers stay up-to-date with current trends and research through meetings, workshops, seminars, journals/periodicals and practical applications.

For More Information

For answers to any additional questions about personal training, please call Shanna Moody, Fitness/Wellness Coordinator, at 2654.968.0762.

Personal Training Policies

RSC Policy Regarding Personal Training at the Campus Recreation Center is restricted to only those individuals that have been specifically employed by the RSC for this purpose. Any participant observed or even assumed to be personal training with a patron in this facility that is not employed as an RSC personal trainer will have their RSC privileges suspended or revoked. An individual may be suspected of personal training if he/she is (but not limited to):

Assisting another patron with:

  1. Spotting
  2. Equipment and adjustments
  3. Program writing and design
  4. Explaining and providing exercise technique
  5. Meeting with the same individual on a frequent basis
  6. Encouragement and counting sets and repetitions for the patron
  7. Getting and returning weights for a patron
  8. Following a patron around the room and telling them what exercise to do and/or what order to do them in
  9. Patron pays another individual that is not an RSC personal trainer for an exercise session

Reasons why trainers not affiliated with the RSC Personal Training Program are prohibited:

In the State of Texas no regulations exist regarding the profession of personal training. This lack of regulation causes many under-qualified or uneducated individuals to claim the title of "Personal Trainer." Due to liability issues and other reasons listed below, the Campus Recreation Center at Tarleton State University requires all trainers working within the building to maintain certification through a nationally recognized organization and meet specific academic requirements essential for quality personal training. The RSC upholds this strict criteria to protect the clients and to ensure that the personal training program remains a quality service amenity for the Tarleton family.

Personal Training for our purposes is defined as one-on-one or small group instruction specific to that clientele.

The Following Reasons Justify Why Personal Trainers not Employed by the RSC are not Allowed to Train Within The RSC:

  • The RSC cannot adequately control the quality of personal training from individuals that are not employed by the RSC.  These individuals may not have adequate academic background, ability, training, or experience to correctly train clients.
  • Individuals not employed by the RSC have not been trained by the staff on policies, rules, guidelines, procedures, or standards and therefore are unauthorized to have any authority or access to any RSC emergency equipment etc.
  • Profiting from the use of State Property, i.e. RSC's equipment and facilities, without consent is illegal.
  • The use of the RSC for outside personal training is in direct competition with the Personal Training Service that the RSC offers.

Failure to comply with our policies regarding personal training is in direct violation of the Student Code of Conduct 2.3 sections 2.3.2 and 2.3.6.