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Leadership Criteria

  To qualify as an Applied Learning Experience in Leadership:

  • ALE supervisors will provide a clear plan for how the following Leadership competencies will be met:
    • Foundations of leadership: students need to address topics including the appropriate theories, approaches, strategies and historical perspectives
    • Personal Development: students need to address topics including leadership styles and philosophies as well as the relationship between leadership style and social identity, ethical reasoning, critical thinking, etc.
    • Interpersonal development. Students need to address the movement from independent/dependent to interdependent relationships, development of self-efficacy as a leader, and the recognition and value of leadership identities including race, gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, nationality, religion, etc.
    • Development of groups and organizations. Students need to demonstrate an understanding of group development and the components and roles within organizations.
  • At least ten (10) hours of leadership development and/or training.
  • At least ten (10) hours of leadership experience and/or application of leadership skills and responsibilities.