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Rural Communication - Speakers Bureau

The Rural Communication Institute (#ThinkRuralComm) is also comprised of Rural Content Experts who are available to speak for national, state, and local organizations. These individuals can also provide training outreach and customized research in their content area:


Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards (Content Expert) (

  • Rural Community Engagement
  • Rural Communication & Homeownership
  • Connecting Rural Individuals to State and Federal Programs
  • Telehealth/MHealth/Telemedicine for Individuals in Rural Environment
  • Rural Utilities (Internet Access, Electric Cooperatives, Rural Water)


Dr. Karley A. Goen (Content Expert) (

  • Marketing Rural Events and Small Town Events
  • Rural Succession Planning/Rural Family Estate Planning
  • Rural Money Management
  • Rural Travel and Tourism


Dr. Subi Gandhi (Content Expert)

  • Rural Health
  • Aging in Rural Areas
  • Rural College Students and Health


Dr. Charlie Howard (Content Expert) (

  • Rural Legal Deserts (Lack of Access to Legal Services in Rural Areas)
  • Rural Areas and the First Amendment
  • Rural Travel and Tourism

Interested students should complete the following application and then contact Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards (


Graduate and Undergraduate Internship - Application