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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Committee Members

The process of selecting and developing Tarleton’s QEP, Texan Smart, was based on multiple activities that occurred in two distinct phases.

  •  Phase 1 spanned one year and involved a thorough review of data sources from which to select the QEP topic.
  • Phase 2 spanned one year and encompassed the development, organization, and assessment of Tarleton’s QEP.

In each phase, QEP committees were formed and included a comprehensive representation of faculty and staff members from Divisions across the institution.

Phase 1: Review of Data
The goal of the QEP Planning Committee was to review a wide range of data to explore possible QEP topics.

QEP Planning Committee
Phase 2: Develop, Organize, and Assess the QEP

The goal of the QEP Steering Committee was to finalize selection of the QEP topic and lead development of the QEP proposal.
QEP Steering Committee