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Surplus Property

The Surplus Property Office is located in the Central Receiving Warehouse located at 201 N. St. Felix Street, Stephenville, TX. Surplus Property is defined as “any equipment/goods which is in excess of the needs of the department and which is not required for the department’s foreseeable need” must be turned in to the Surplus Property Office. This also includes institutional furnishings and equipment that may or may not be in need of repair. Departments do not have the flexibility to determine if state goods may be disposed of. By State Law only the Surplus Property Manager or their designee may make this determination.

Computer Equipment

All Computer Processing Units (CPU – the box that houses the hard drive) must be sent to Information Technology Services. Any CPU that is sent to surplus property will be refused and the department will be required to take said CPU to the Information Technology Services Department. Only Information Technology Services staff may bring a CPU to surplus property. Surplus Property can accept computer peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, fax machines, etc.

Acquisition of Surplus Property

Any item that is in surplus property may be acquired by another department on campus and returned to service. You are required to fill out a transfer form for assets with tags and be sure to include all corresponding paperwork with the form.

  • Transfer
    • Fill out for using these instructions.
    • Send form and item(s) to be shipped to Central Receiving

Surplus Property Auctions

Surplus property auctions will be held throughout the year as needed. Auctions will be held online with Lone Star Auctioneers.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Surplus feel free to contact the Inventory Surplus Specialist