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Monthly HUB Incentive Program

Tarleton HUB incentive 

HUB is a State requirement for our campus  and in an attempt to utilize more HUB vendors, we have develop a fun way to encourage your procurement card purchases to come from HUBs. There will be a drawing on a monthly basis to award and acknowledge the employees that strive to use our HUB vendors.

How does this work?

Use HUBs to purchase your promotional items, office supplies ,furniture, and etc. on your procurement cards and we will take all the employees that spend 75% and above for the month and put their name into a drawing for a nice gift with our Tarleton Logo on it. We will draw three (3) employee names and will notify the winner and the campus community. At the end of the fiscal year,  all those that have purchased 75% monthly during the year will be added to a drawing for a chance to win a special gift.  The more times you maintain 75% and above the more your name will be submitted for this gift.

Congratulations to our March FY17 Winners!

  • Elsa Deleon
  • Natalie Hill
  • Betti Cryer

If you are not sure if a HUB vendor is available for the items you need or have any questions, you can contact Patty Morrison or Elaine Chew.