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Tarleton State University's HUB Initiative


In accordance with The State of Texas Government Code 2161, Tarleton State University is committed to ensure every possible procurement opportunity to Historically Underutilized Businesses. The Purchasing Department encourages departments to actively solicit HUB vendors regardless of dollar amount or source of funds. Tarleton is governed by the following additional HUB policies:

HUB Subcontracting Plan

The policy for Tarleton State university to achieve the annual HUB program goals in accordance with the applicable Texas Government Codes by contracting directly with HUBs or indirectly through HUB subcontracting plans (HSP). Tarleton State University carefully examines state contracts with expected values of $100,000.00 or more for subcontracting opportunities. If an opportunity is found, each bidding vendor must submit a HUB subcontracting plan for potential use of certified HUBS.

TUHCA- Texas Universities HUB Coordinators Alliance

Tarleton State University is a proud member of the Texas Universities HUB Coordinators Alliance (TUHCA) group was created in an effort to reach minority, woman and disabled veteran owned businesses to discuss and share ideas to help raise awareness of procurement opportunities with higher education. There are 19 institutions of higher education that comprise the TUHCA organization in North/Northeast Texas. Find more information about Texas Universities HUB Coordinators Alliance (TUHCA).

Mentor Protege Program

Tarleton State University is committed to provide direction with developing companies to connect with more experienced businesses through our Mentor Protégé program. The mentor protégé relationship is equally beneficial since mentors can use protégés to fulfill HUB subcontracting requirements when bidding on state contracts with expected values over $100,000.00 or more. Read more about this program on the Texas Comptroller's website.