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students in Rome

Study Abroad Rome

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Study Abroad Italy

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Study Abroad Ecuador

students with turtle

Study Abroad Galapagos Island

An understanding of human behavior is enhanced when one possesses knowledge of various cultural and regional norms and differences. You can expand your study of psychology and human behavior by joining the Psychological Sciences faculty as we travel the world.

The Department of Psychological Sciences has planned several short-term study abroad opportunities to provide students with a global perspective and with a deeper understanding of human behavior across cultures.

We understand the financial commitment required to study abroad. Thus, Psychological Sciences faculty plan ahead so that students can select the course/country that interests them. Planning ahead provides additional time to plan one’s course schedule and to pay for trip expenses.

Currently, Psychological Sciences is planning the following study abroad trips. Please see the related courses, semesters (dates) of travel, and the links to sign up for the course through our travel provider, EF Tours.

Our Travels

Want to Know More?

All students considering study abroad are encouraged to speak to their academic advisor to ensure the course they plan to take will meet degree requirements.

Students traveling internationally must possess a current passport, must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and must complete all required training.

Some scholarships are available to students who meet the requirements. Students interested in studying abroad can view the study abroad website for more information!