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Health Pre-professional "mock" Interview and Evaluation Process for 2017

Health pre-professional student who will be applying to a professional school in the summer or fall of 2017 has the opportunity to participate in "mock" interviews. The process, by design, is intended to encourage you to get your real application material together early and to give you some practice interviewing. Additionally, all pre-med and pre-dental students are expected to use this process in order for the Tarleton Health Pre-Professional Advisory Committee (HPAC) to generate a HPAC letter of evaluation to accompany your real application to medical or dental school. The process involves 3 steps. Directions and links to required forms can be found by following the links below:

HPAC Guide 2017

Downloadable forms required for your HPAC application

Application Timeline

Application Opens: 1/17/2017

Application Closes: 4/28/2017

Required Completion Dates for 2017

Step 1: 3/17/2017

Step 2: 3/31/2017

Step 3: 4/21/2017

Last day to receive letters of evaluation: 4/28/2017



Academic, curricular, and co-curricular choices are paramount in preparing for your future career goals. Students who wish to pursue a health career in medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy, veterinary, etc. are challenged academically and personally, but they are also supported and taught by dynamic professors and advisors.
The purpose of Tarleton State University’ Pre-Professional Health Programs is:

  • To prepare you to take admissions exams (MCAT, DAT, GRE, etc.) into health professional programs or graduate school
  • To make sure you understand the application timeline for their health profession
  • To guide you in developing co-curricular experiences including service to others, job shadowing, leadership roles, study abroad, etc. to “round out” their pre-health experiences

Careers in Health

There are many health-related careers.  Are you wondering which one best fits you?  Tarleton offers many resources to help you navigate your options so you can make a thoughtful decision to commit to this journey.  Admissions’ committees will assume you’ve done your homework and sought out opportunities which helped you carefully consider this career path. Additional help is available through Career Services and is a great resource for exploring health professions.  You can start with MY PLAN, the career assessment tool, to help you get started, and then make an appointment with Tarleton’s Career Services office in the Thompson Student Center.

Two highly informative online resources to help with exploring health professions are below: 

Learn about a few of the opportunities Tarleton has to help prepare you for your future!

Pre-Professional Advising and Applying

Health pre-professional students must be focused and engaged early on in their freshman year to stay on track, academically and holistically, begin taking admission exams, and completing applications, ideally, their junior year. The application process for applying to health professional schools is, generally, in the fall or spring (prior to your application year) of your junior year. Tarleton State offers the opportunity to students to apply through the Health Professions Advisory Committee, HPAC. You will have the benefit of a committee evaluating your application, a mock interview, and receiving a letter of evaluation (recommendation) that accompanies your application.



Student Resources


Science Building, 331
Office Hours: 8:00-5:00

Ashlee Rather
Senior Academic Advising Specialist

Haley Briggs
Pre-Professional Experiential Coordinator

Faculty Advisors by Major
  • Animal Science
    Pre-vet: Dr. David Snyder
  • Biology and Biomedical Science
    Pre-dentistry:  Dr. Janice Speshock
    Pre-medical:  Dr. Max Sanderford
    Pre-osteopathic:  Dr. Max Sanderford
    Pre-veterinary:  Dr. Max Sanderford
    Pre-physician’s assistant:  Dr. Max Sanderford
  • Chemistry              
    Pre-health:  Dr. Peter Bell
  • Kinesiology
    Pre-health: Dr. Jennifer Blevins-McNaughton
  • Mathematics
    Pre-med/dental:  Dr. Bryant Wyatt
    Pre-physician’s assistant:  Dr. Max Sanderford
    Pre-dentistry:  Dr. Janice Speshock
    Pre-pharmacy:  Dr. John Calahan
    Pre-physical therapy: Dr. Dustin Edwards
  • Physics
    Pre-health: Dr. Daniel Marble
  • Wildlife, Sustainability & Ecosystem
    Pre-vet: Dr. Wayne Schwertner