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Health Pre-professional Programs

The Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental, Pre-Physical Therapy, and Pre-Veterinary Support Areas in Biomedical Science are designed to meet or exceed the entrance requirements for medical, dental, physical therapy, and veterinary programs in Texas. Other health profession programs including, but not limited to, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Optometry, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Radiology Technician, and Dental Hygiene can vary considerably in terms of entrance requirements. Students interested in such programs are encouraged to earn a BS in Biomedical Science by following the General Biomedical Science Support Area. By allowing greater flexibility in elective courses, the General Biomedical Science Support Area can be easily adjusted to meet the entrance requirements of these health profession programs.

It is important to know that health profession programs may change entrance requirements without notice. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to check these requirements and work closely with an advisor to ensure that all requirements are met. If all of the entrance requirements for a professional program have been met, it is sometimes possible for a student to matriculate to the professional program prior to completing a degree at Tarleton. In this case, a student might meet the requirements of a Bachelor of Science degree at Tarleton by (1) fulfilling the "Degree Requirements" as stated in the Tarleton catalog and (2) transferring the necessary hours from an approved professional school to Tarleton for a minimum total of 120 hours.

The links to the left provide information regarding entrance requirements to health professions schools, the application process, and admissions exams. It is a good idea to begin exploring the necessary steps to achieve your health professions goal.

Interested in a career in health care, but not really sure what you want to do? Follow the "Other Health Programs" link to your left.

Health Pre-professional advisors for Biology and Biomedical Science majors:

  • Pre-medical: Dr. Max Sanderford
  • Pre-dentistry: Dr. Janice Speshock
  • Pre-physician's assistant: Dr. Max Sanderford
  • Pre-physical therapy: Dr. Dustin Edwards
  • Pre-pharmacy: Dr. John Calahan
  • Pre-veterinary: Dr. Max Sanderford

Health Pre-professional advisors for other majors:

  • All health pre-professionals in Chemistry: Dr. Peter Bell
  • All health pre-professionals in Physics: Dr. Daniel Marble
  • All health pre-professionals in Kinesiology: Dr. Jennifer Blevins-McNaughton
  • Pre-veterinary students in Animal Science: Dr. David Snyder

HPAC Evaluation

Health Pre-professional "mock" Interview and Evaluation Process for 2017

Any health pre-professional student who will be applying to a professional school in the summer or fall of 2017 has the opportunity to participate in "mock" interviews. The process, by design, is intended to encourage you to get your real application material together early and to give you some practice interviewing. Additionally, all pre-med and pre-dental students are expected to use this process in order for the Tarleton Health Pre-Professional Advisory Committee (HPAC) to generate a HPAC letter of evaluation to accompany your real application to medical or dental school. The process involves 3 steps. Directions and links to required forms can be found by following the links below:

HPAC Guide 2017

Downloadable forms required for your HPAC application

Application Timeline:

Application Opens: 1/17/2017

Application Closes: 4/28/2017

Required Completion Dates for 2017:

Step 1: 3/17/2017

Step 2: 3/31/2017

Step 3: 4/21/2017

Last day to receive letters of evaluation: 4/28/2017