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Research and Study Abroad


Keeping a journal will help you in many ways. It is not merely a log. It is where you keep a collection of meaningful experiences that cause you to stop and reflect to gain understanding. It is for both in the classroom and through co-curricular activities. These experiences are the ones that you learn from the most and help you to become a reflective practitioner. Your journal entries will be valuable to you when you write your personal statement for admissions to professional programs.

Pre-health students should consider participating in study abroad or research programs. While these are not required for admission to a health professional school, both can be extremely rewarding and beneficial in professional and personal aspects of life.


Faculty and Students at Tarleton are actively engaged in a wide range of research areas including biotechnology, ecology, genetics, physiology, and systematics. Research faculty serve as mentors for both undergraduate and graduate students. Motivated students are encouraged to meet with faculty members to explore available research opportunities, such as:

Study Abroad

Study abroad programs give students a better understanding of different cultures and diversity. Like research, Study Abroad is not require but is encouraged. Learn more about Study Abroad programs.