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Rules, Procedures, and Standard Administrative Procedures

Section 01: Governance
SAP No. 01.01.01.T0.01 Development and Approval of Tarleton State University Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures  
Section 03: Statements of Mission and Objectives
SAP No. 03.02.02.T0.01 Substantive Change Approval Procedure  
Section 07: Ethics
Rule No. 07.02.99.T0.01 Fair Lending Practices  
Rule No. 07.03.01.T1 Political Campaign Events on Property Under the Control of Tarleton State University  
Section 08: Civil Rights Protections and Compliance
Rule No. 08.01.01.T1 Civil Rights Compliance  
SAP No. 08.01.01.T1.02 Reasonable Workplace Accommodation  
SAP No. 08.01.01.T1.03 Sexual Misconduct (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 08.99.99.T0.01 Responding to Reports of Bullying  
Section 09: Litigation and Administration
SAP No. 09.02.99.T1 Licensing and Use of University Names, Logos, and Trademarks (UNDER REVIEW)  
Section 11: Center, Degrees, and Programs
SAP No. 11.03.99.T0.01 Shortened Courses  
Rule No. 11.07.99.T1 Granting of Honorary Degrees Rule (UNDER REVIEW)  
Rule No. 11.08.99.T1 Granting and Awarding Degrees Posthumously  
SAP No. 11.99.99.T0.01 External Course Development  
Section 12: Faculty
Rule No. 12.01.99.T1 Granting Extension of Tenure Probationary Period  
SAP No. 12.02.99.T0.01 Procedures for Implementing Tenure  
Rule No. 12.03.99.T1 Faculty Academic Workload and Reporting Requirements  
SAP No. 12.07.99.T0.01 Fixed-Term Faculty Appointments (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 12.99.01.T0.01 Faculty Development Leave Program  
SAP No. 12.99.99.T0.01 Performance Development and Evaluation of Faculty (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 12.99.99.T0.02 Administration of Faculty Merit Plus and Faculty Achievement Grant Programs  
Section 13: Students
SAP No. 13.02.99.T0.01 Academic Conduct  
Rule No. 13.04.99.T1 Student Travel  
SAP No. 13.99.99.T0.01 Texan Corps of Cadets  
Section 15: Research Programs
SAP No. 15.01.01.T0.01 Preparation, Review and Submission of Sponsored Projects  
SAP No. 15.01.01.T0.02 Residual Balances from Fixed Price Sponsored Documents   
Rule No. 15.01.03.T1 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research  
Rule No. 15.02.99.T1 Export Controls  
Rule No. 15.99.01.T1 Use of Human Subjects in Research  
Rule No. 15.99.03.T1 Ethics in Research and Scholarship  
Rule No. 15.99.06.T1 Use of Biohazards in Research, Teaching and Testing  
Rule No. 15.99.07.T1 Use of Vertebrate Animals  
Section 18: Athletics
SAP No. 18.03.99.T0.01 Post-Season Athletics Competition  
Section 21: General Finance
SAP No. 21.01.01.T0.01 Recovery of E & G Administrative Costs Associated with Management of Auxiliary Enterprises   
SAP No. 21.01.02.T0.01 Credit Card Information Receipt, Custody, & Security Procedures  
SAP No. 21.01.03.T0.01 Indirect Cost Allocation (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 21.01.04.T0.01 Extension of Credit  
SAP No. 21.01.07.T0.01 Agency Funds  
SAP  No. 21.01.10.T0.01 Surplus or Salvage Property  
Rule No. 21.01.12.T0.01 Purchase of Food and Refreshments  
Rule No. 21.99.04.T01 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property  
Section 24: Risk Management
Rule No. 24.01.01.T1 Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Programs Rule (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 24.01.01.T1.01 Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Programs Procedure (UNDER REVIEW)  
Rule No. 24.01.06.T1 Programs for Minors
SAP No. 24.99.99.T0.02 Utility Vehicle Safety
Section 25: Expenditure of Funds
Rule No. 25.06.01.T1 Historically Underutilized Business Program  
SAP No. 25.07.03.T0.01 Acquisition of Goods and Services  
Rule No. 25.07.99.T1 Contract Administration  
SAP No. 25.99.09.T0.01 Communication Allowance  
Section 26: Tuition and Fees
SAP No. 26.99.01.T0.01 Student Health Insurance (UNDER REVIEW)  
Section 27: Financial Planning and Budgeting
SAP No. 27.99.99.T0.01 Procedure for Purchase of Information Technology (UNDER REVIEW)  
Section 28: Auxiliary Enterprise, Privatization, etc.
SAP No. 28.02.99.T0.01 Recovery of Indirect Costs Associated with Continuing Education Activities  
Section 29: Information Resources
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.01 Information Resources - Acceptable Use  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.02 Information Technology Services - Account Management  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.03 Information Technology Services - Administrator/Special Access  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.04 Information Technology Services - Backup Recovery  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.05 Information Technology Services - Email Use  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.06 Information Technology Services - Intrusion Detection  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.07 Information Technology Services - Malicious Code  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.08 Information Technology Services - Network/Wireless Access  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.09 Information Technology Services - Network Configuration  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.10 Information Technology Services - Password Authentication  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.11 Information Technology Services - Physical Access  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.12 Information Technology Services - Privacy  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.13 Information Technology Services - Security Awareness and Training  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.14 Information Technology Services - Security Monitoring  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.15 Information Technology Services - Server Hardening  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.16 Information Technology Services - Vendor Access  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.17 Information Technology Services - Use of Peer-to-Peer Sharing Software  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.18 Information Technology Services - Portable Computing  
SAP No. 29.01.03.T0.19 Security of Electronic Information Resources  
Rule No. 29.01.03.T2 Incidental Computer Use  
Rule No. 29.01.03.T3 Electronic Information Resource Complaints  
SAP No. 29.01.04.T0.01 Web Accessibility (UNDER REVIEW)  
Section 31: Compensation and Benefits
SAP No. 31.01.01.T0.03 "On Call" Responsibility and Pay  
SAP No. 31.01.01.T1.01 Compensation Administration (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 31.01.01.T1.02 Compensation for Faculty Research & Service  
Rule No. 31.01.08.T1 Merit Salary Increases  
SAP No. 31.01.09.T0.01 Overtime  
SAP No. 31.03.03.T0.01 Bereavement Leave  
SAP No. 31.03.03.T1.02 Birthday Leave  
Rule No. 31.05.01.T1 Faculty Consulting, Outside Professional Employment  
Form No. 31.05.01.T1 Faculty Consulting, Outside Professional Employment Form  
SAP No. 31.06.01.T0.01 Sick Leave Pool Administration  
Rule No. 31.08.01.T1 Emeritus Designation  
SAP No. 31.98.01 Retirees Recognition Ceremony and Retirement Benefits  
SAP No. 31.99.01.T0.01 Employees Registering as Students  
SAP No. 31.99.99.T0.01 Salary Adjustments for Completion of Academic Degrees  
SAP No. 31.99.99.T0.03 Administrative Salary Differentials for Non-Academic Interim Positions  
SAP No. 31.99.99.T0.04 Employee Wellness Program  
Section 32: Employee Relations
SAP No. 32.01.01.T0.01 Complaint and Appeal Procedures for Faculty Members (UNDER REVIEW)  
Section 33: Employment, Standards of Conduct
SAP No. 33.04.01.T0.01 Use of System Resources for External Employment  
SAP No. 33.05.02.T0.01 Required Employee Training  
SAP No. 33.06.99.T0.01 Alternate Work Schedules for Full-time Staff (Non-faculty) Employees  
SAP No. 33.99.01.T0 Hiring Faculty and Non-faculty  
SAP No. 33.99.08.T0.01 Student Employment  
Rule No. 33.99.14.T1 Criminal History Record Information (UNDER REVIEW)  
Section 34: Safety of Employees and Students
Rule No. 34.02.01.T1 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP  No. 34.03.99.T0.01 Alcoholic Beverages on University Property (UNDER REVIEW)  
Rule No. 34.05.99.T1 Smoking and Tobacco Use  
Rule No. 34.06.02.T1 Carrying Concealed Handguns on Campus  
SAP No. 34.07.01.T1.02 Emergency Notification Protocol  
SAP No. 34.07.01.T1.03 Inclement Weather  
Rule No. 34.07.99.T1 Emergency Management Plan  
SAP No. 34.99.99.T0.01 Bollard Removal (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 34.99.99.T0.02 Homecoming Bonfire  
Section 41: Real Property
SAP No. 41.01.01.T0.01 Real Property  
Section 51: Facilities Planning and Construction
SAP No. 51.06.99.T0.01 Naming of Buildings, Chairs, Facilities, and Programs Procedure (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 51.99.99.T0.01 Facility Use Fee (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 51.99.99.T0.02 User Coordinator Team for Major Construction Projects (UNDER REVIEW)  
Section 61: Information and Communications
SAP No. 61.01.01.T0.01 Publication Guidelines (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 61.99.01.T0.01 Records Management  
SAP  No. 61.99.99.T0.01   Lowering of University Flag to Half-Staff (UNDER REVIEW)  
SAP No. 61.99.99.T0.03 Lighting of the Smokestack  
SAP No. 61.99.99.T0.04 Use of Mass Email  

For questions, comments or suggestions, contact:

Ms. Paulette Cavitt, University Compliance Coordinator
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