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7 Policies of the Texas A&M University System

This handbook refers to the following policies, regulations, rules, and procedures. Other policies, regulations, rules and procedures may apply to the performance of an employee’s job. Employees should refer to the actual policies, regulation, rules, and procedures either online at or hard copy of the System Policy and Regulation Manual.

System Policy 07.01, Ethics Policy
System Policy 08.01, Civil Rights Protection and Compliance
System Policy 12.01, Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure
System Policy 12.02, Institutional Procedures for Implementing Tenure
System Policy 12.03, Faculty Academic Workload and Reporting Requirements
System Policy 12.04 Academic Council/Faculty Senate
System Policy 12.05, Training for English Proficiency
System Policy 12.06 Post-Tenure Review of Faculty and Teaching Effectiveness
System Policy 31.07, Retirement
System Policy 32.01, Employee Complaint and Appeal Procedures
System Policy 32.02, Discipline and Dismissal of Employees
System Policy 33.04, Use of System Resources
System Policy 34.02, Drug and Alcohol Abuse
System Regulation 08.01.01, Civil Rights Compliance
System Regulation 12.99.01, Faculty Development Leave
System Regulation 31.01.01, Compensation Administration
System Regulation 31.01.02, Fair Labor Standards
System Regulation 31.03.01, Vacation
System Regulation 31.03.02, Sick Leave
System Regulation 31.03.03, Leave of Absence With Pay
System Regulation 31.03.05, Family and Medical Leave Act
System Regulation 31.04.01, System Holidays
System Regulation 31.05.02, External Employment
System Regulation 31.06.01, Sick Leave Pool Administration
System Regulation 31.07.01, Retirement and Employment After Retirement
System Regulation 32.01.01, Complaint and Appeal Procedure for Faculty Members
System Regulation 32.01.02, Complaint and Appeal Procedures for Nonfaculty Employees 
System Regulation 32.02.02, Discipline and Dismissal Procedures for Nonfaculty Employees
System Regulation 33.99.03, Performance Evaluation for Nonfaculty Employees
System Regulation 33.99.04, Promotion, Transfer and Voluntary Moves
System Regulation 33.99.05, Part Time Employment
System Regulation 34.02.01, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Rehabilitation Programs
System Regulation 34.04.03, HIV/AIDS in the Workplace and Learning Environment 
Tarleton Rule 25.99.08.T1, Use of Telecommunications Equipment
Tarleton Rule 29.01.03.T0.19, Security of Electronic Information Resources
Tarleton Rule 31.03.02.T1, Sick Leave
Tarleton Rule 31.06.01.T1, Sick Leave Pool Administration
Tarleton Rule 31.99.99.T2, Salary Adjustment for Completion of Academic Degrees
Tarleton Rule 32.01.01.T0.01, Complaint and Appeal Process for faculty Employees
Tarleton Rule 08.01.01.T1.02, Reasonable Workplace Accommodation
Tarleton Rule 33.06.99.T1, Alternate Work Schedules for Full Time Staff (Non-Faculty) Employees
Tarleton Rule 34.05.99.T1, Smoking and Tobacco Use
Tarleton Procedure 27.99.99.T1.01, Computer Use
Tarleton Procedure 25.99.09.T0.01, Smart Phone Communication Allowances
Tarleton Procedure 29.1.03.T0.01, Information Resources - Acceptable Use