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Faculty and Administrative Staff Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is currently undergoing revision.  As chapters are reviewed and approved they will be posted to the Faculty Handbook website.

A date, indicating the last revision date for each chapter, has been included for your reference below.

As always, Texas A&M University System policies and regulations, and Tarleton rules and procedures are the governing documents and should be consulted for the latest applicable requirements.  If there are any questions regarding the content of this handbook not covered by policies, regulations, rules, and procedures, please refer those to your supervisor. 

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction to the University (Revised 6/23/2014)
    1. Vision
    2. Mission
    3. Core Values
    4. Purpose and Role
    5. Tarleton State University Administrative Organization
      1. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
      2. Vice President for Finance and Administration
      3. Vice President for Student Affairs
      4. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
      5. Executive Director Tarleton University System Center - Central Texas
      6. Executive Director Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research
      7. Executive Director Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Institutional Research
    6. Tarleton State University Academic Organization
      1. College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
      2. College of Business Administration
      3. College of Education
      4. College of Liberal and Fine Arts
      5. College of Science and Technology
    7. Academic Programs
      1. Center for Instructional Innovation
      2. Institutional Research
      3. Writing Intensive Program
      4. Assessment
      5. Quality Enhancement Program
      6. University Library
      7. Enrollment Management
      8. Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives
      9. Honors College
      10. Military Science Department
      11. Sponsored Projects
      12. University Outreach Programs
    8. Accreditation
  2. Chapter 2 The Role of Faculty and Staff (Revised 9/1/2009)
    1. Definitions
    2. Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
    3. Faculty Hiring Process
    4. English Proficiency
    5. Terms of Employment
    6. Notice of Non-Reappointment
    7. The Graduate Faculty
    8. Adjunct Faculty
    9. Salaries, Salary Differentials, and Faculty Achievement Grants
      1. Faculty Salary Differentials
      2. Faculty Salary Floors
      3. Administrative Salaries
      4. Merit Raises for Faculty
      5. Faculty Merit Plus Program
      6. Faculty Achievement Grants
    10. Faculty Development Leave Program
    11. Teaching Load and Released Time
      1. Released Time for Administrative and Committee Responsibilities
      2. Overload
    12. University Scholar
    13. Summer Employment for Faculty
    14. Faculty Working on Terminal Degrees
    15. Sick Colleague
    16. Complaint and Appeal Process for Faculty
  3. Chapter 3 Faculty Responsibilities (Revised 9/1/2009)
    1. Teaching
    2. Scholarly and Creative Activities
    3. Membership in University Committees
    4. Academic Advisement and Registration
    5. Counseling Students
    6. Syllabus Requirement for Each Course
    7. Schedule for Teaching and Professional Activities
    8. Class Attendance
    9. Office Hours
    10. Final Examinations and Restricted Activities Period
    11. Course Records and Midterm Grades
    12. Posting Grades
    13. Commencement
    14. Student Evaluation of Faculty
    15. Evaluation of Academic Administrators
      1. Provost Review
      2. Academic Deans Review
      3. Evaluation of Department Heads
      4. Faculty Evaluation of Department Heads
  4. Chapter 4 Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Evaluation (Revised 9/1/2009)
    1. Faculty Rank and Tenure Status
      1. Non-Tenure-Track Faculty and Criteria for Rank
      2. Academic Rank for Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty
      3. Faculty Status for Tenure Purposes
    2. Criteria for Promotion and Tenure
      1. General Criteria
      2. Criteria for Promotion for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
      3. Special Criteria for Tenure
      4. Probationary Period
      5. Interim Reviews
      6. Tenure and Promotion Standards: Faculty with Administrative Assignments
      7. Evaluation by the Department Head
      8. Evaluation by the College Review Committee
      9. Administrative Evaluation of Candidates for Tenure and Promotion
      10. Tenure and Promotion Procedures for Department Heads
      11. Notification of Tenure Decision
      12. Financial Exigency
    3. Guidelines for Assessing Teaching Competence, Scholarship, and Service
      1. Teaching Effectiveness
      2. Criteria for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness
      3. Scholarly and Creative Activities
      4. Professional Service
    4. Formal Evaluation of Faculty
      1. Annual Evaluation of Faculty
      2. Periodic Review of Tenure-Track Faculty
      3. Post-Tenure Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
      4. Process for Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
      5. Resolution of Problems in Professionalism of Tenured or Nontenured Faculty
  5. Chapter 5 Professional Standards and University Procedures (Revised 6/23/2014)
    1. Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
    2. Criminal History Record Check
    3. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    4. Nepotism
    5. Compliance
    6. The Clery Act
    7. Fiscal Matters
    8. Salary Payment
    9. Personnel Records
    10. ID cards
    11. General Conduct
    12. Conflict of Interest and Outside Employment
    13. Use of Property and Equipment
    14. Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    15. Network Acceptable Use Policy
    16. Telecommunications
    17. Advertising and Selling of Goods
    18. Political Activity
    19. Expressions of Opinion
    20. Dress Standards
    21. Children in the Workplace
    22. Drugs and Alcohol
    23. Smoking and Tobacco Use
    24. Romantic or Sexual Relationships
    25. Sexual Harassment
    26. HIV/AIDS in the Workplace and Learning Environment
    27. Faculty and Staff Meetings
    28. Communication
    29. Facilities and Equipment
      1. Textbooks and Supplies
      2. The Libraries
      3. Scheduling of Rooms
      4. Post Office
      5. University Sales
      6. Recreational Facilities
      7. Office Space for Retired Faculty
    30. Parking
    31. Lost and Found
    32. Professional and Social Organizations
    33. Emergencies
  6. Chapter 6 Employee Benefits (Revised 6/23/2014)
    1. Retirement
      1. Teacher Retirement System of Texas
      2. Optional Retirement Program
      3. General Policy and Process
      4. Early Retirement with Modified Service
      5. Mandatory Retirement
    2. Group Insurance Programs
      1. Health Insurance
      2. Basic Life Insurance
      3. Optional Life Insurance
      4. Dependent Life Insurance
      5. Long-Term Disability Income Insurance (LTD)
      6. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
      7. Long-Term Care (LTC)
    3. Workers' Compensation
    4. Tax-Saver Plan
    5. Additional Retirement Savings Options
      1. Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA) Program
      2. Texa$aver Deferred Compensation Program
      3. United States Savings Bonds
      4. Social Security (OASI)
    6. Unemployment Compensation
    7. Extended Pay Plan
    8. Leave Program
      1. Vacation and System Holidays
      2. Sick Leave with Pay
      3. Sick Leave Pool
    9. Leave of Absence with Pay
      1. Emergency Leave
      2. Jury Duty
      3. Military Leave
      4. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
        1. Advance Notice and Medical Certification
        2. Job and Benefits Protection
        3. Medical Insurance Coverage
      5. Parental Leave
      6. Sick Leave without Pay
      7. Intermittent or Reduced Leave
      8. Other Leave Provisions
      9. Reporting Leave Requested/Taken
    10. Services and Privileges
  7. Chapter 7 Policies of The Texas A&M University System (Revised 9/18/2014)