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Mobile Apps

Ride Systems App

ride systems app logoThe Ride Systems app shows shuttle riders where the shuttle is and when it will pick them up. It provides live location of buses, arrival predictions, and other important route information.  The app is available in the following formats:

Tarleton EduSafe

safety app logoThe Tarleton State University’s Tarleton eduSafe mobile app provides rapid access to all emergency procedures normally located in bulky flipcharts without requiring a data connection. By incorporating relevant safety and security information into the app, Tarleton eduSafe ensures that personnel in all areas of any Tarleton facility can access their campus specific safety procedures. This expanded access will help users handle many of the situations in which they might find themselves regardless of a data connection. The main features of Tarleton eduSafe are:

  1. Access to emergency procedures regardless of Wi-Fi or data connection
  2. Reporting of any safety or security concerns
  3. Maps with navigation to our campuses and parking lots
  4. “Request Security Escort” feature to call security to walk you to your car or class should you feel unsafe
  5. Easier access to the Tarleton’s annual security reports and safety procedure manuals

Essentially, we view this app as an “in-hand” liaison between safety and security and the Tarleton community. The app is available in the following formats: