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Stephenville Crime Alert on 03/30

In compliance with the provisions of the federal Jeanne Clery Act, the Tarleton Police Department is informing the members of the campus community of a recent report of an incident meeting the criteria of sexual assault.


Sunday evening March 29th, the Tarleton State University Police received a report of a sexual assault that occurred off campus approximately one week prior to the report in an apartment complex frequented by students. The reporting party knew the suspect. Due to the crime occurring off campus the Stephenville Police Department is investigating the sexual assault.


The phenomenon of drugs and alcohol being used to facilitate sexual assault has been widely reported across the country.  The Tarleton State University Police Department urges the Tarleton community to treat everyone with civility and respect.

Understand that when a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs they may not be capable of giving consent to participating in sexual conduct. To not verbally say no does not mean consent is granted.

It is also wise to use the buddy system while socializing - when you go out with friends, agree to keep an eye on one another and to go home together.

As always, members of the campus community are encouraged to review crime prevention and personal safety information made available at

The Tarleton Police Department urges anyone who believes they or a friend has been the victim of sexual assault to immediately contact their local law enforcement agency. On campus, the UPD can be reached at 968-9002.The Title IX & Clery Coordinator may be reached at 968-9754.  If you or a friend is contemplating the use of alcohol to facilitate sexual assault, please understand that this is a felony offense punishable by prison time and large fines.  Don’t allow someone to perpetrate this felony crime.  Become an involved bystander and change the outcome. 

Victims of any form of assault or sexual assault are encouraged to seek confidential support at the University Counseling Center, located inside the Thompson Student Center or at 968-9044.

The Stephenville Police request anyone with information related to the crime call Crime Stoppers at 254-965-CASH.

For personal safety tips please call the
University Police Department at 968-9002
Student Counseling Center at 968-9044