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Lost and Found

Please promptly turn in all lost items to the Police Department. Items can be verified and picked up at the station.

This list is updated every two weeks. If you have lost something and do not see it listed, please call the University Police Department at 254-968-9002.

Lost and Found (Updated: 5/21/2019)
Date Location Found Item Description
5/20/19 Math Building Car Keys with Cleopatra Dog Tag
5/16/19 Info Desk Capital One Card
5/15/19 Dorm Birth Cert.
5/13/19 N/A Grad Tassel
5/10/19 Science ID Card
5/10/19 DOrm IPad
5/10/19 Science GiftCard
5/10/19 Dorm Laptop
5/10/19 Dorm Green Headphones
5/9/19 Testing Center SHS ID card
5/9/19 Testing Center Texas Driver's license 
5/9/19 Testing Center 5 Texan Cards 
5/8/19 P-26 Silver key on green chain
5/3/19 Parking lot Chevy Key
5/3/19 P-46 Silver TSU Key
5/1/19 Baseball Field Hyundai Fob
4/29/19 Mail Set of Keys
4/24/19 Business Ray Ban sunglasses
4/23/19 P-9 Wahl clipper set
4/23/19 Library 16 GB Flash Drive
4/23/19 Library 32 GB Flash Drive
4/23/19 Library  Lightening Audio Jack
4/23/19 Library Micro USB Flashdrive
4/23/19 Library Sunglasses
4/23/19 Library Tumbler
4/23/19 Library Gold Key
4/22/19 N/A  Texan Card
4/15/19 Hunewell Rose Gold Beats
3/11/19 N/A Ford fob/key
3/14/19 N/A Travel Hammock
3/18/19 Alumni House Keys with baseball lanyard
3/21/19 Hunewell Hall Chase Card
3/21/19 N/A Texan Card
3/21/19 Library Green/Black Umbrella
3/26/19 library Dell Keyboard
3/26/19 library ROTC water bottle
3/26/19 library Common Culture Book
3/26/19 Library DCE Application Guide
3/26/19 Library Contigo Shaker Bottle
3/26/19 Library US Air Force Coffee Mug
3/26/19 Library Black laptop cord
3/26/19 Library Microsoft Mouse
3/26/19 Library M5io Mouse
3/26/19 Library  M330 black mouse
3/26/19 Library black/grey microsoft mouse
3/26/19 Library Blue Sandisk flashdrive
3/26/19 Library Orange flash drive
3/26/19 Library Grey Mouse pad
3/26/19 Library The Popken Write Book
3/26/19 Library Red sketch book
3/26/19 Library Puppy composition book
3/26/19 Library Puppy composition book
3/26/19 Library Brown sunglasses
3/26/19 Library silver ring
3/26/19 Library OSF DCE app. guide
3/26/19 Library Purple bag with clothes
3/26/19 Honor Hall Wallet
3/26/19 Lillian St Ray Ban Sunglasses
3/26/19 N/A Juicy Courture wallet
3/28/19 Ag. Building Toyota Tacoma Key
4/01/19 N/A TX Driver License
4/2/19 N/A Black rubber key
4/2/19 N/A Texan Card
4/2/19 Library Red Flash Drive
4/2/19 Library Physics Book
4/2/19 Library Bracelet
4/2/19 Library 32 GB Flash Drive
4/2/19 Library Yellow Flashdrive
4/2/19 Library Darth Vador Flashdrive
4/2/19 Library Med Leather Jacket
4/2/19 Library Green pen case
4/2/19 Library Phillips Flash Dirve
4/8/19 Drop Box Wedding band
4/8/19 N/A Chicago keychain
4/8/19 Honors Visa Card
4/9/19 Library Black backpack
4/9/19 Library Purple biology notepad
4/9/19 Library QT2 Clicker
4/9/19 Library Foster Grant glasses case
4/9/19 Library Hair brush
4/9/19 Library Teal USB
4/9/19 Library Yellow USB
4/9/19 Library Charging Cable
4/9/19 Library 6' charge cable
4/9/19 Library 9' black charge cable
4/9/19 Library Apple power brick
4/9/19 Library Brown sunglasses
4/9/19 Library Pink cord
4/11/19 Science T-moble phone
4/11/19 Welcome Center Texan Card
4/11/19 Info Desk Bank of America Card
4/11/19 Info Desk TeePee Pencil bag
4/12/19 Heritage Ford Key
4/12/19 Dinning Hall Black/White wallet
4/12/19 Dinning Hall Visa Card
4/15/19 Drop Box Master Card
4/15/19 P-28 Heart Earrings