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University Police Department Patch

Origin of the Patrol Patch

The patrol patch was designed by two Tarleton State University students in 2008. 

Police Patch Up Uniforms
- New design on Tarleton Police Uniforms  

By Marcy Waters  

Staff Writer

J-Tac, Tarleton State University News Paper, April 17, 2008

In a brief ceremony Friday, April 11, Tarleton Police Chief Justin Williams unveiled the new design for the shoulder patches on Tarleton's police uniforms and presented student designers Jenna Murray and Pecas McCool with two framed patches.

"We were very pleased with the design Jenna and Pecas came up with," said Williams. "We felt that the patch really incorporated what we were looking for and really represented the Tarleton campus."

 Williams said the Tarleton Police Department sent out design inquiries to embroidery and patch companies that had in-turn sent back design ideas, but none of them really seemed to fit what Williams and the department were looking for.

"If you haven't been to school here or you don't live in the area than you really don't understand what some of these things mean to us," said Williams. "We were just thoroughly impressed with what we got." 

Jenna Murray, whose father is Tarleton Police Sergeant Clell Murray, heard about the department's search for a new patch through her dad.

"He told me what they wanted so I started working on a design," said Murray "at first I was just going to hand draw the patch on paper." 

Murray then worked with McCool and they turned the design into a graphic that they sent to Williams.




Draft Versions Submitted to Chief Williams

"We really wanted to use the Texan Rider in the patch," said McCool.  "We felt that the patch should represent Tarleton and the Texans are who we are."

The Tarleton police Department has undergone many updates and changes since Williams took over a police chief this semester.  The parking office being expanded and even the patrol cars have received a makeover.

Keep an eye out for even more changes when the students return for class in the fall.

Tarleton State University Police Department Patch

The UPD Patrol Patch



Important Information for Police Patch Collectors

The Tarleton State University Police Department receives numerous requests from collectors for a Tarleton State University Police Department patch. Effective January 1, 2011, it is the policy of the Tarleton State University Police Department that requests will no longer be accepted.