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Planetarium Shows

"Journey to the Edge of Space and Time"

Come along on a fantastic voyage to the edge of all we know. This dynamic 20-minute show, produced by the Charles Hayden Planetarium in Boston, and the NASA-Smithsonian Education Forum, takes the audience on a journey to super massive black holes, giant galaxy clusters, the universe's earliest moments, and even to parallel universes that challenge the imagination.

With the dawn of a new millennium, new instruments expand our vision of the cosmos. The pieces of a great cosmic puzzle are falling into place, promising answers to questions we once considered unanswerable: Is there an edge of space? Was there a beginning to time? Are there other universes beyond our own waiting to be discovered? Find out more in Journey to the Edge of Space & Time.

Journey to the Edge of Space and Time was produced locally for Tarleton Science Planetarium by Larry D. Barr.