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Physics Degree Tracks

  • Traditionally, a large fraction of physics students have combined their interest in physics with an interest in some other field (Math, Computer Science, Chemistry, Engineering, etc).
  • In addition to 6 hours of Advanced Physics Electives, the Joint BS Physics Degree has 13 hrs of General Electives and 18 hours of Support Field Electives.
  • We have preselected selected courses to create tracks in Astronomy, Nuclear Engineering, etc. for some of the more popular areas to maximize the student's education.
  • An alternative is the Classical Track (WOTC). It is our most flexible physics track where students work with their advisor to select electives to tailor their physics degree to meet their career goals and interests.
  • Under the Classical Track, it is even possible for students to pick up a second degree in a related field like Math, Computer Science, or Chemistry.
  • List of Courses
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