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Pre-Law is a set of academic requirements needed for admission to law school and not an actual degree. Students planning to pursue a legal career must obtain admission to an accredited law school by meeting the admission criteria required by the law school that they wish to enter including a sufficiently high GPA and a high score on the LSAT exam to be competitive. Following graduation from law school, the student must pass the bar exam in the state they wish practice law as well as possibly other state requirements.

Student's interested in law may choose any major as long as they complete the necessary admission requirements and score well on the LSAT.

To quote the 2012 UT Law School Brochure - "On the basis of recent experience, we would have few challenges filling every seat with students who have achieved excellent LSAT scores and high GPA's in challenging undergraduate programs with difficult majors. These two criteria, within certain limits, help a committee assess a student's ability to succeed at UT Law."

Physics - An Excellent Major For Students Interested In A Law Degree.

Physics majors rank number one on the LSAT exam for admission to law schools in 2009.

These results match past studies in 1998, 2006, and 2008 as reported in Wikipedia.

In addition, the technical training from a physics degree enables the student to excel over other graduates in specialty areas where technology merges with legal issues including product liability, medical malpractice, patent law, environmental law, oil and gas law, cyber security, and politics.   

The Tarleton physics program provides multiple tracks of study for students interested in pursuing a law degree. Student may use the classical track option to combine a BS in Physics with another field of study as a support area. Some popular support areas for a student interested in attending Law School include Political Science, Communication, History, Environmental Science, and Business. A student interested in medical malpractice may find Tarleton's medical physics track the best fit.

Information on Law School Admission