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Physics Degree Tracks

Starting in Spring 2016, Tarleton joined with Midwestern State University, Prairie View A&M, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Texas A&M Kingsville, Texas Southern, and West Texas A&M to award a Joint BS Physics Degree. This degree which is the result of over five years of work is the first of its kind in the United States to be jointly awarded by more than two institutions with a single uniform curriculum. 

  1. Students can transfer between institutions with no course loss
  2. Students have access to all courses on a yearly rather than bi-yearly basis
  3. Students have maximum flexibility to tailor the degree to meet their career goals and interests
  4. Students have remote access to faculty expertise and facilities on all campuses

In addition to 6 hours of Advanced Physics Electives, the Joint BS Physics Degree also contains 13 hours of General Electives and 18 hours of Support Field Electives,

Thus the degree combines the math and physics rigor of a traditional physics degree with the flexibility to tailor the degree to prepare a student to pursue opportunities in interdisciplinary fields like nanotechnology, bioengineering, etc. 

The students may use these elective hours to:

  1. take additional physics elective courses including graduate courses 
  2. take courses in a related field like math, computer science, engineering, chemistry, etc. 
  3. pursue an interest in a non-technical area like music
  4. do one of our specialty tracks

or some combination of the above.