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The following information is provided to aid students in determining if physics courses taken at other universities can be substituted for Tarleton Physics courses.

  1. Any current Tarleton student must get prior approval from the physics program coordinator prior to taking any physics course at another institution.
  2. Prior courses taken from a Texas Community College or Public University that are in the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) including PHYS1401/1402 and PHYS2425/2426 should automatically transfer into Tarleton as the equivalent course. 
  3. For prior courses taken at private Texas or non-Texas universities or courses taken at Texas public institutions that have no equivalent course at Tarleton, the student should have their advisor complete a proposed substitution request form with the catalog description and course syllabus attached and send it to the Physics Program coordinator for consideration.  
  4. Physics courses taken via correspondence including those from StraighterLine do not substitute for Tarleton physics courses.
  5. Students wishing to get credit for knowledge obtained from courses that don't substitute including high school AP classes may obtain credit by examination with a suitable score on a comprehensive national or local physics exam (AP, etc).  
  6. Upper level physics courses being transferred to meet degree requirements in the Joint BS Physics Degree also requires approval by Texas Physics Consortium (TPC) Council of Deans for substitution. At present, it is the policy of the TPC Dean Council to approve any physics course that is equivalent to an upper level physics course taught by the TPC provided that the course being transferred was taken prior to the student entering the TPC. Only in extremely exceptional cases will other transfers be approved by the TPC Dean Council. In all cases, the approval paperwork must be submitted to the TPC Dean Council the 1st semester after a transfer student enters the TPC or at least one semester prior to a current TPC student taking the proposed transfer course.