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AP Physics B

ITV class meetings for AY2013-2014 school year are being taped to provide a resources for students who miss class due to illness or school related activities and those students who want to review the material covered in class.

This particular course was a proof-in-concept course taught by Dr. Daniel K. Marble of the Tarleton State University Physics Program in AY2013-2014 and funded by the Sid Richardson Foundation. 

All physics curriculum materials on this site were developed by Dr. Daniel K. Marble and Christopher Brian Marble and are copyrighted. Materials cannot be used or reproduced without the authors' permission. 

Test Solutions

AP Physics Home Page

PHYS122 Resources

  1. MIT PHYS122 Videos (Dr. Lewin)
  2. MIT PHYS242 Videos (Dr. Lewin)
  3. MIT Waves & Oscillations (Dr. Lewin)
  4. MIT Calculus I (Dr. Jerison)
  5. Mechanical Universe (CalTech)
  6. Physics of the 21st Century
  7. Khan Academy

Physics Website Links

Click on on one of the graphic icons and explore our website further to see what makes physics at Tarleton unique!!

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tpc faculty admissions button Observatory & Planetarium
Accelerator Lab Electron Microscopy Lab TSU Physics on Facebook


Unique Facilities

One of the best equipped undergraduate programs in the US!!

  1. 32" Telescope 
  2. Tandem Accelerator 
  3. Electron Microscope 
  4. X-ray Diffraction System 
  5. Leybold CT System
  6. Ultrasound
  7. Laser Facility 

Research Links

We offer our students courses not generally found at smaller institutions like:

  1. Astrophysics
  2. Computational Physics
  3. Medical Physics I & II
  4. Microwave Theory
  5. Nuclear Physics
  6. Solid State Physics
  7. Principles of Nuclear Engineering
  8. Nuclear Reactor Theory
  9. Graduate Quantum Mechanics
  10. Graduate Mechanics