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Payroll checks to be mailed – no in person pick up.

All printed payroll checks will be mailed directly to the employee. Please notify all of your employees of this change as it will go into effective with the 4/24/2020 biweekly pay date. Please also request that all of your employees enroll in direct deposit and verify their mailing address in Workday as this is the address used when mailing their payroll check.

Here are detailed instructions on how to enroll in direct deposit from your home screen within Workday:

  1. Click the Pay Application
  2. Select Payment Elections
  3. Click Add
  4. In the Account Information section add the following:
    1. Account Nickname. Workday Services recommends you use this to distinguish between accounts
    2. Routing Transit Number. This is a 9 digit number found on a check, deposit slip or in your banking information online
    3. Bank Name. This is the name of your Bank (e.g. Bank of America)
    4. Account Type. Select Checking or Savings
    5. Account Number. This is located on a check, deposit slip or in your banking information online.
  5. Click OK


Everyone should check their withholding.

*The Payroll Department is unable to provide any tax advice. Please contact your Certified Public Accountant or Tax Professional.
Close up of a paycheck

Payroll Check Distribution and Payment Schedules

Employee paychecks are picked up by an authorized departmental employee in the Payroll Office, Administration Building, Room 110. Paychecks are then distributed at the departmental level.

FY22 Monthly Schedule FY22 Bi-Weekly Schedule


The mission of the Payroll Office is to support the division of Finance & Administration to ensure that the University meets its mission and objectives through the appropriate review and monitoring of all payroll documents, while following the guidelines of the State of Texas, the policies and regulations of The Texas A&M University System and the rules and procedures of Tarleton State University.

Important Updates & Information
Direct Deposit
Communication Allowance Information
Acceptance of Gifts
Unclaimed Pay Checks
Additional Payroll Information

Employees starting on the second Employment & Benefits Orientation date of the month, may not receive their first payroll until the next bi-weekly process.