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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of research can I present at the symposium?
What research topics can I present at the symposium?
Can I submit a research project under a different discipline than my major discipline (i.e. I am a nursing major and want to research under the engineering discipline)?
Why are Social Sciences and Humanities listed together?
What disciplines may present oral presentations?
May a student in the Humanities or Social Sciences present a poster presentation?
May a doctoral student conduct a poster presentation?
What is the oral presentation format for undergraduate and master's level humanities/social sciences students?
Will participants receive feedback on their presentations?
Can I present a poster and abstract as a team?
As a co-presenter, can I submit the same abstract as the primary presenter?
I would like to submit a project from the Visual or Fine Arts discipline. Is that possible?
As a faculty member working with a student, can I participate in the presentation?
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