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Pass the Hat Campaign

Employees signing up to donate online

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The SECC Enrollment option is now available on your Single Sign On menu: 

  1. From your Single Sign On menu, select "SECC Enrollment".
  2. Use the "Charity Search" to identify your selected charity's code.
  3. Select your contribution option.

17 in 17: Let's Raise $17,000 in 2017!


Pass the Hat is Tarleton's State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) fundraiser. This year's campaign runs from September 1st until October 31st.

What is the SECC?

The State Employee Charitable Campaign is an organization of state organizations who collaborate to raise money for charitable causes. The State Employee Charitable Campaign is the only statutorily authorized workplace campaign for state agency and higher education employees throughout Texas. In 2016, the SECC marked its 23rd year by raising more than $8.155 million for charitable organizations throughout the state, nation, and world. Learn more about the SECC.

What is Pass the Hat?

Pass the Hat is Tarleton's own SECC campaign. Each year, Tarleton rallies its employees for the annual giving period. Over the last five years, Tarleton has raised nearly $80,000 for charitable causes on a local, state, and national level through the Pass the Hat Campaign.

Why should I give?

What causes are important to you? Donate to important causes in your community, state, or world. For as little as $2 per month, you could make an impact on a charity that has a place in your heart. There are more than 1,300 charities to choose from in the SECC. Browse charities.

How and when do I give?

There are several ways to give during Tarleton's campaign, including:

  • Automatic Payroll Deduction through SSO: September 1st - October 31st
  • Parking Spot Raffle: Raffle tickets are on sale between September 15th and October 13th. The winner will be drawn at Pass the Chili Bowl for Pass the Hat.
  • Tarleton Home Tailgate: September 23rd. Purchase a chance to win a basket loaded with Tarleton swag!
  • Pass the Chili Bowl for Pass the Hat: October 13th. Chili will be served in front of the Tarleton Center beginning at 11:00 a.m.
  • One-time cash or check donations will be accepted at any time between now and October 31st. Please see a committee member.
Donna Savage
Each year, the Pass the Hat State Employee Charitable Giving Campaign reminds me of the magnitude of the connections between Tarleton and their "neighbors." This campaign is one of the critical links between the campus and the surrounding community. There is a vast array of charities and programs to support, and no matter how large or small a donation may be, I think together we can all make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Donna Savage, University Librarian

Contact a Committee Member

Pass the Hat Committee Members
Name Department Phone
Dr. R. Michael Haynes Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Chair 254-968-9354
Dr. Tod Allen Farmer President's Office, Ex-Officio 254-968-9464
Mr. Morgan Carter Institutional Research & Effectiveness 254-968-1967
Ms. Jodie Baker Library 254-968-9987
Ms. Carol Barrett Employee Service 254-968-9705
Ms. Cayley Birchfield Employee Service 254-968-1916
Mr. Darrell Brown Student Engagement 254-968-9742
Ms. Elaine Chew Support Service 254-968-9611
Ms. Elizabeth Dunn College of Graduate Studies 254-968-9104
Ms. Jennifer Hawthorne Development 254-968-1756
Ms. Wendy Haynes Employee Service 254-968-9694
Ms. Taylor Keith Business Service 254-968-9433
Ms. Julie Price Institutional Research & Effectiveness 254-968-9354
Dr. Jarrod Schenewark College of Education 254-968-0593
Dr. David Weissenburger President's Office 254-968-1694