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Student Parking Information

Vehicles with residential parking tags (Red) are allowed to park in any Residential (Red) or All-Zone (Green) lots on the Tarleton State University campus.

Vehicles with commuter parking tags (Purple) are allowed to park in any Commuter (Purple) lot or All-Zone (Green) on the Tarleton State University campus.

Please view the interactive parking map for more details. 

Need to order your permit? Learn the steps to ordering your permit online.

If an employee tells a student to park illegally, the citation will not be dismissed by this department. If a student worker parks illegally while running department errands, the citation cannot be dismissed. You cannot park in any fire lane for unloading purposes. You must use the building's loading area and obtain a proper loading zone permit from the Parking Office.

For more information read our parking rules and regulations.


View the breakdown of student parking lots below.

View larger map of student parking.