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Shuttle Services

Tarleton State University Parking Services aims to provide excellent parking and transportation management as a service to assist students, visitors, faculty, and staff members. We have two new services available. Both services are downloadable through the AppStore & Google Play. 

Click to view the printable Shuttle Routes

New Services

The first new service is DoubleMap GPS system. This allows students, visitors, faculty and staff that need to catch the shuttle to view the location of each shuttle, saving time for the rider. The new application also allows the Parking Department to post announcements. 

The second new service is called TapRide. This service is available for anyone who is needing a ride after hours (7:00pm-1:00am) Sunday-Thursday. This app runs like the most popular apps for ordering a ride. A rider can simply order a ride and the app will give an estimate time of arrival and an alert when your ride is at your location.

Free On-Campus Shuttle

  Monday - Thursday Departure Times
  Free On Campus Shuttle Route
  St. Felix  Rome & Rudder Way Rome & Shirley Lillian & Shirley Cain & Rudder Way
Times 8:30 AM
8:35 AM
8:40 AM
8:45 AM
9:05 AM
9:00 AM
8:55 AM
8:50 AM
9:10 AM
9:15 AM
9:20 AM
9:25 AM
9:45 AM
9:40 AM
9:35 AM
9:30 AM
9:50 AM
9:55 AM
10:00 AM
10:05 AM
10:25 AM
10:20 AM
10:15 AM
10:10 AM
10:30 AM
10:35 AM
10:40 AM
10:45 AM
11:05 AM
11:00 AM
10:55 AM
10:50 AM
11:10 AM
11:15 AM
11:20 AM
11:25 AM
11:45 AM
11:40 AM
11:35 AM
11:30 AM
11:50 AM
11:55 AM
12:00 AM
12:05 PM
12:25 PM
12:20 PM
12:15 PM
12:10 PM
  Shuttle runs from the Football Stadium lot to Cain and Rudder Way using Shirley Street between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm