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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to pay for parking and transportation services?
How are parking and traffic violations enforced?
What is the total number of parking spaces on Tarleton's campus?
How many disabled parking spaces are on campus?
What is the average parking spot width?
How do Tarleton parking permit rates compare to other universities?
How can I pay a citation?
Where can I park?
Is there a grace period before citations are issued?
What do I do if I get a new vehicle?
What do I do if I misplace my permit?
What if I already have a registered vehicle but have to drive a different vehicle for a few days due to vehicle repairs, switching vehicles, or if I'm driving a rental?
I have a citation but I never received a citation. Why am I responsible for the citation?
What about parking on campus at night? Do I need a permit? Can I park anywhere?
If I am a student and have a valid parking permit, can I park in Reserved and Visitor spaces?
If I am a visitor at Tarleton, where should I park?