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Past Presidents and Vice Presidents

2016-2017 Colton Sheffield and Ashton Mason

2015-2016 Lura Rylant and Ana Gutierrez-Perez

2014-2015 Jay Johnson and Alyssa Byrd

2013-2014 Chance Cerda and Alyssa Lowe

2012-2013 Scott Harrison and Sami Landers

2011-2012 Clint Billingsley and Allecia Bird

2010-2011 Alycia Pruitt and James Reed

2009-2010 Maggie Moore and Elizabeth ‘Ely’ Borrero

2008-2009 A. Shane Henry and Heather Ingle

2007-2008 Brady Pendleton and Sarah Barron

2006-2007 Casey Hogan and Brady Pendleton