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CSAB Textbook Survey Results

In September, Student Body President Alycia Pruitt and Senator John Gressett attended a meeting of the Chancellor's Advisory Student Board in College Station with student representatives of every TAMU system school. One of the major discussions was over the topic of textbook prices.

In October, CSAB put together a survey to send out to find out how the students felt about textbook prices, with hundreds of Tarleton State student participating in the system-wide survey. It consisted of 12 questions with 5 possible answers ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

In early November, the surveys were compiled and the results released back to the students. Some key figures are as follows:

  • 50.7% (over 3,300  students) strongly agreed that they purchased a book they never used. (58.2 -230 students at TSU)
  • 33.3% (over 2,200 students) strongly agreed that they purchased support materials that were never used. (43.3% - 171 students at TSU)
  • 64.5% (over 4,200 students) strongly agreed that they could not sell back a textbook because a newer edition was going to be used. (73.9% - 292 students at TSU)
  • 15.2% (just over 1000 students) strongly agreed that they talked to a professor about textbook prices. (20.3% - 80 students at TSU)
  • Students are twice as likely to buy a new book from the campus book store than online, but just as likely to buy a used book online as from the campus bookstore. (TSU student statistics match this)
  • The average price spent on textbooks was $697.59. (around $500 for TSU students)

The survey results (with all percentages and comments) are below!

Tarleton results

TAMU system results