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Pre Licensure BSN (Generic BSN)

I am a...

I am a Freshmen or a Current Tarleton Student

The process to apply for program admissions is a highly competitive process. Pre Licensure (generic) student entry offered only at the main campus in Stephenville.

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Step #1: Admission into Tarleton State University

Are you entering as a Freshman?

Are you currently a TSU student?

Who are our pre-nursing advisors and how do we contact them? The CHSHS advisers are Diedre Wilhite and Elizabeth Johnson. Their information can be found online here.

Step #2: Request to take Prenursing Courses

Before you can apply to the School of Nursing Generic BSN Entry, prenursing courses must be completed. Students must apply to take the prenursing courses.

The prenursing application must be completed online. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Request Form and Application Link:

Do I need to meet with an advisor? FAQ

  • Advisor- advising appointment please visit the Academic Advising Website.
  • Create a secondary plan if not accepted
  • Consider working on a minor if not accepted into program the first time 

How can I retake a prenursing course? Refer to the progression policy of the School of Nursing and Program Information on the Student Resource Page.

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Deadline for Request Form:

  • Fall request forms are open January 15 and closes 12:00am CST on February 15
  • Spring request forms are open August 15 and closes 11:59pm CST on October 3


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Step #3: Apply to the School of Nursing

Nursing program admissions are for students applying for core junior and senior nursing courses. 

To be considered for the nursing program admission, minimum requirements for each step must be met. 

  • Admission is NOT GUARANTEED but dependent upon the rank order of applicants (competitive rank in the application pool) and availability of spaces.

Generic BSN Program Guide


  • February 15th Applications for Fall Admission is due by 12:00 AM
    • For spring 2021 only, application dates are unchanged, but HESI A2 results accepted until March 14, 2021. 
  • October 3rd Applications for Spring Admissions is due by 11:59 PM

Application Materials


When will I be notified of my acceptance? Student applying for the spring will be notified in November. Students applying for the fall will be notified in April.

How do I reapply into the program if I was not accepted previously? You will reapply.

Where can I take my HESI A2? Stephenville Campus Testing Center. Testing Center

What sections of the HESI A2 do I need to take? English (reading, grammar, and vocabulary), Math, A&P, Learning Styles, and Critical Thinking.

Please refer to the Generic BSN Program Guide. Generic BSN Program Guide