Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree

At Tarleton State University, the online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program is designed to advance the careers of registered nurses eligible for Texas licensure. Students concentrate their studies in Nursing Administration or Nursing Education to align their studies with their career aspirations.

The degree consists of approximately 36 semester credit hours, depending on the student’s choice of concentration area. Students can conveniently apply to begin their graduate degree in nursing each fall and spring term. 

Delivered by the School of Nursing faculty, Tarleton’s MSN degree is offered through online coursework with two hands-on nursing practicums towards the end of the program. With our accelerated coursework rotation, students have the option to complete their online MSN program in 12 months by completing two courses in every 8-week term. There is also the option to take one course every 8-week term and complete the MSN degree in 24 months.

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What can you do with a master’s degree in Nursing?

Earning a Master of Science in Nursing opens up nurses’ career opportunities to pursue leadership roles, become a nurse educator, and even pursue a future doctorate in nursing. Completing an accredited graduate degree in nursing is also the first step to apply for nurse practitioner licensure in Texas. 

Specifically, the nursing administration concentration prepares MSN graduates to assume leadership roles for unit, department, service line, or system-level of health care organizations. The concentration in nursing education prepares graduates to teach patients, families, and health care consumers about medical conditions and wellness and teach nursing students about the field of nursing.

Why earn a graduate degree in Nursing?

A graduate degree from Tarleton’s School of Nursing increases earning potential and advances nurses’ careers. The core courses of the online MSN program grow students’ ability to utilize nursing science and research to ultimately improve nursing care. By selecting an area of focus for their MSN, graduate student students can prove their expertise and their ability to strive for academic excellence through a thesis or capstone project. 

The graduate-level core courses are:

  • NURS 5303 Advanced Nursing Role Development
  • NURS 5300 Nursing Theory
  • NURS 5398 Nursing Research
  • NURS 5306 Informatics 

 MSN Program Outcomes

  1. Integrate findings and theories from nursing science and related disciplines to lead the continued improvement of nursing care across diverse settings.
  2. Provide flexible leadership and inter/intra professional collaboration in complex and ever changing health care and educational systems to safely achieve quality education outcomes.
  3. Ethically conduct and/or use research which contributes to the development of nursing science.
  4. Effectively use technology, tools, assessment instruments, and other resources to improve educational outcomes.
  5. Advocate for policies to promote health, shape health care delivery, defend social justice, and advance the profession of nursing.
  6. Synthesize population health concepts to affect appropriate health interventions, prevent disease, reduce risks, and promote health and wellness in diverse populations.
  • NURS 5312 Advanced Health Assessment
  • NURS 5314 Advanced Pharmacology and Pathophysiology
  • NURS 5330 Instructional Methods and Strategies for Adult Learners
  • NURS 5332 Curriculum Development
  • NURS 5334 Outcomes and Evaluation in Education
  • NURS 5338 Clinical Focus Role
  • NURS 5339 Educator Role
  • NURS 5383 Nursing Education Capstone or NURS 5388 Thesis 
  • NURS 5310 Leadership Development
  • NURS 5322 Health Care Change and Communication
  • NURS 5301 Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
  • NURS 5320 Health Care Finance
  • NURS 5324 Outcomes and Evaluation in Health Care
  • NURS 5328 Administrator Role I
  • NURS 5329 Administrator Role II
  • NURS 5373 Nursing Administration Capstone or NURS 5388 Thesis

Online MSN Program Admissions

To be eligible for admission to Tarleton’s graduate nursing degree program, applicants must:

  1. Have Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from an accredited program.
  2. Hold a current unencumbered license as a registered nurse in the United States and be eligible for unencumbered licensure in Texas.
  3. Complete basic statistics course with a grade of “C” or better.
  4. Submit a resume.
  5. Meet Tarleton’s College of Graduate Studies admission requirements.

Admission Process

1. Apply to Tarleton State University’s College of Graduate Studies.

2. Email resume to [email protected]

Learn More About Tarleton’s Online Master of Science in Nursing Degree

Tarleton State University’s Master of Science in Nursing is offered completely online to facilitate nurses’ career advancement. With concentrations in Nursing Education and Nursing Administration, this graduate nursing degree leads to a variety of careers as a nurse practitioner, administrator, or nurse educator.

MSN Program Information

Contact [email protected] to learn more about Tarleton’s online MSN program.