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Officers and Members

Vicky Johnson

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Vicky Johnson
Class: Kappa Fall 2007

  • Doctorate in Musical Arts in Music Education: Boston University
  • Master of Arts in Music Theory: Sam Houston State University
  • Bachelor in Music with a Teaching Certification: Tarleton State University
Heather Hawk

Chapter Advisor

Dr. Heather Hawk
Nickname: Dink
Class: Epsilon Fall 2002

  • Doctorate of Musical Arts, Vocal Performance: University of North Texas
  • Master of Music in Vocal Performance: Baylor University
  • Bachelor of the Arts: Tarleton State University
Teresa Davidian

Charter Member

Dr. Teresa Davidian
Nickname: Dee Dah
Class: Alpha

  • Doctorate of Musical Arts in Music Theory and Musicology: University of Chicago
  • Master of the Arts in Music Theory: Columbia University
  • Bachelor of the Arts in Music: Columbia University