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Mr. Dan Dudley – Presented his published paper “A Model for Individualizing Grade Determination in the Classroom” for the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Conference in 2008. This was in collaboration with Mr. Dudley and Drs...... Hazen and Freed.  Coordinates non-traditional student advisement for the BAAS and BSAS degree programs.  Also handles student internship experiences.

Ms. Christi Foster – Actively involved with Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society.

Dr. Rusty Freed – Presented “Store for” for the 2009 Society for Case Research – Focus on Change: Succeeding in a Global Environment. Also, along with Dr. George Mollick who is the Head of Engineering Technology, is investigating literature regarding the practice of prior learning as it relates to use in awarding credit for graduate degrees.  Also published “Using Prior Learning Assessment in Audit Baccalaureate Degrees in Texas” in the Journal of Case Studies in Accreditation and Assessment.

Mr. Steve Gerhardt - Comes to us with a military background and small business management experience. He teaches statistics and quantitative management classes.

Mr. Reginal Hall – Actively engaged in teaching various courses.  Serves as the advisor for the student Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Chapter.

Dr. Samuel Hazen –Along with Dr. Freed and Mr. Dudley, authored “A Model for Individualizing Grade Determination in the Classroom” published in the Journal of Case Studies in Accreditation and Assessment. Regularly presents papers and chairs sessions for the annual conferences of the American Society for Business and Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. Nathan Heller – Authored Ethical Dilemmas – How Do You Measure Up? published by Kendall-Hunt Publishing.  Authored “The Influence of Reputation and Sector on Perceptions of Brand Alliances of Nonprofit Organizations” published in the Journal of Nonprofit and Public Marketing.

Dr. Loyd Kegans – With Dr. Randy McCamey, writing an introductory college-level text book entitled An Introduction to Leadership Theories.  Authored “Occupational Work Ethic Differences: Implications for Organizational Diversity Initiatives in Health Care Organizations” published in the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Dr. Walter Kendall – Currently collaborating with Dr. Kegans on “Managerial Stewardship Ratings: Does Corporate Stewardship Matter?” Presented “Total Cost of Ownership – The Need for an Updated Model “(co-authored by Dr. McCamey) published in the Atlantic Marketing Association Annual Conference Proceedings.

Ms. Linda LaMarca – Presented a synopsis of her “China through a Corporate Shadow: A Journal of Experiences and Observations,” after her trip to China to shadow with executives from FMC Technologies.

Dr. Randy McCamey – Currently collaborating with Ms. Ball to research worker motivation of managers and individual contributors in major insurance companies in the U.S. and Thailand. Along with Dr. Kegans authored for publication “A Study of the Factoral Elements of Organizational Citizenship and Behavior and Occupational Work Ethic” in the Academy of International Business Southwest Chapter.

Ms. Sue Lewis – Actively involved in University Teacher Education Council and service activities dealing with Business Education and Academic Advising services.

Dr. Janis Petronis – Currently planning a comparison of national Study Abroad data with that of Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) institutions. She also prepares and has received funding on several grant requests for international studies and faculty enrichment. Dr. Petronis has also reviewed a textbook “International Business: Globalizing the Firm” for publication. Presented (along with Mr. Petronis) “Business and Culture in Vietnam” for the Tarleton Diversity Series.

Mr. Richard Petronis – Co-authored and presented , “Changes in the Use of Race as a Criterion for Student Admission to Public Educational Institutions” with co-authors Dr. Janis Petronis and Ms. Jodie Dearing (a graduate student), which was published in the Southern Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

Ms. Beverly Turner – Handles advising and student recruitment for COBA’s academic programs at McLennan Community College in Waco.