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Dr. Sally Lewis

Sally Lewis, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP), HTL, MB

Dean of the College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7222)

Office: Fort Worth 139

Dr. Dale Telgenhoff

Dale Telgenhoff, Ph.D., MBA, HTL(ASCP)CM, CCM

Department Head, Associate Professor, and Histotechnology Program Director

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7235)

Office: Fort Worth 106

Dr. Brooke Hopkins Dubansky

Brooke Hopkins Dubansky, Ph.D., HTL(ASCP)CM, HCM

Assistant Professor, and Director, Health Professions Technology

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7234)

Office: Fort Worth 214

Dr. Subi Gandhi

Subi Gandhi, Ph.D., MPH

Program Director, Assistant Professor, and Advisor, Public Health

Phone: 254-968-0578 

Office: Nursing 315 (Stephenville Campus)

Dr. Heping Han

Heping Han, MD, Ph.D., MB(ASCP)

Assistant Professor

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7239)

Office: Fort Worth 213

Dr. Sally Hoger

Sally Hoger, DrPH, MS, M(ASCP)SM

Assistant Professor

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7227)

Office: Fort Worth 117

Dr. LeAnne Hutson

LeAnne Hutson, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor and Director of Medical Laboratory Science

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7226)

Office: Fort Worth 116

Dr. Michele McAfee

Michele McAfee, MT(ASCP), SCCM, SBBCM

Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7228)

Office: Fort Worth 140

Dr. Carol Lynn Fieser

Carol Lynn Fieser, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Phone: 254-968-1689

Dr. Myoung-gwi Ryou

Myoung-gwi Ryou, Ph.D., MS, MT(KAMT), MLS(ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7223)

Office: Fort Worth 113


Ms. Katherine Blakely

Katherine Blakely, MS, MB(ASCP)CM, MCM

Program Coordinator

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7242)

Office: Fort Worth 138

Ms. Salena Pond

Salena Pond

Administrative Associate IV

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7221)

Office: Fort Worth, Reception