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Dr. Sally Lewis

Sally Lewis, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP), HTL, MB

Dean of the College of Health Sciences and Human Services


Cherilyn Garner

Cherilyn Garner, Ph.D., D(ABMM), MT(ASCP)

Department Head and Associate Professor

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7235)

Office: Fort Worth 106

Dr. Brooke Hopkins Dubansky

Brooke Hopkins Dubansky, Ph.D., HTL(ASCP)CM, HCM

Associate Professor, Health Professions Technology Program Director, and Histotechnology Program Director

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7234)

Office: Fort Worth 214

Dr. Subi Gandhi

Subi Gandhi, Ph.D., MPH

Associate Professor, Advisor

Phone: 254-968-0578 

Office: Davis Hall Room 103 (Stephenville Campus)

Dr. Heping Han

Heping Han, MD, Ph.D., MB(ASCP)

Associate Professor and Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences Program Director

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7239)

Office: Fort Worth 213

Dr. LeAnne Hutson

LeAnne Hutson, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor and Medical Laboratory Science Program Director

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7226)

Office: Fort Worth 116

Dr. Michele McAfee

Michele McAfee, MT(ASCP), SCCM, SBBCM

Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7228)

Office: Fort Worth 140

Dr. Girdhari Rijal

Girdhari Rijal, PhD, MS, BScMLT, BS, CMLT, MLS(ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor and Director

Phone: 817-926-1101 Ext: 7227


Office: Fort Worth 117

Visit Dr. Rijal's Website

Dr. Myoung-gwi Ryou

Myoung-gwi Ryou, Ph.D., MS, MT(KAMT), MLS(ASCP)CM

Associate Professor

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7223)

Office: Fort Worth 113


Ms. Katherine Blakely

Katherine Blakely, MS, MB(ASCP)CM, MCM

Program Coordinator

Phone: 817-926-1101 (From Campus: 7242) or;

Phone: 817-926-1109

Office: Fort Worth 138