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Tarleton Meat Retail Pricing

Prices as of 12/5/2019

Prices subject to change without notice as market conditions fluctuate. Please call The Purple Tractor (254) 968-1973 for current item availablity and pricing.

Beef Options

Tenderloin Steak: $19.99/lb.
Ribeye Steak: $14.59/lb.
New York Strip Steak: $9.69/lb.
Sirloin Steak: $5.99/lb.
Skirt Steak: $5.98/lb.
Boneless Chuck Roast/Steak: $6.09/lb.
Brisket: $2.89/lb.
Ground Beef Patties (4 count): $7.25/pkg
Stew Meat: $5.09/lb.
Ground Beef (1#): $3.99/lb.
Chili Meat: $3.49/lb.

Beef Cut Sheet


Pork Options

Boin-in Loin Chops: $3.70/lb.
Boneless Loin Chops: $3.55/lb.
Bone-in Sirloin Chops: $3.70/lb.
Tenderized Pork Cutlets: $4.10/lb.
Ground Pork (1#): $3.15/lb.
Breakfast sausage (1#): $3.40/lb.
Bratwurst: $4.99/pkg

Pork Cut Sheet


Lamb Options

Leg of Lamb: $9.10/lb.
Lamb Loin Chops: $8.59/lb.
Ground Lamb: $6.99/lb.

Lamb Cut Sheet

Other Specialty Items

For Custom Processing and Cutting, contact the Tarleton Meat Lab at (254) 968-9204

For any processing information and questions, contact Dr. Lea Ann Kinman.